14 Phere Review: A Perfect Family Entertainer

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14 Phere Review: Vikrant Massey is on a fire with all these amazing hits. First Haseen Dilruba and now 14 Phere. Both of these movies are really good and it shows how great of an actor he is.

But, let’s talk about the movie now. And as I have said earlier, 14 Phere might be one of the most consistent romcoms I have watched in a long time. It is just that good.

It is not like there were moments when I couldn’t control my laughter or something. But while watching the movie, one thing that was constant was the smile on my face.

And even when the movie went into the emotional territory. Where so many Bollywood movies fail, 14 Phere really held its ground and came out on top.

14 Phere Review: Plot/Storyline, Cast & Review

14 Phere Plot

The movie’s official synopsis reads “Sanjay, a Rajput from Jahanabad, is in love with Aditi, a Jat from Jaipur. They want to get married but don’t want to hurt their families. So they plan to get married by arranging a fake set of parents. Will they succeed?”

The story of the movie is as old as Bollywood. It is tried and tested the script in general but with a bit of a twist. We have seen opposing parents coming in between two lovers so many times in Bollywood.

Usually, the main lead wins them over. But in 14 Phere, both leads will arrange two marriages to basically fool their parents.

14 Phere Review – Positives


Obviously, the lead actors will win and they will get married at the end. I mean it is obvious. But RomComs are never about the ending, they are always about how we reach there.

The way they build everything and then land us to the climax, everything was really good. 14 Phere never felt rushed and it actually gave the audience the time to simmer down all the jokes.


I absolutely loved the cast here. Bollywood has so many great performers at this moment that it is actually scary. Every cast member did what was asked of them.

My favorite was obviously Vikrant Massey and Yamini Das. Vikrant Massey and Yamini Das just featured in Haseen Dilruba as mother and son. And once again both of them are featured as mother and son on the screen.

And can we please both of them as mother and son in all of their future movies? Because the chemistry between them is just next level. There is not a single moment of uneasiness between them.

Gauahar Khan and Priyanshu Singh also did an amazing job. Kriti Kharbanda once again showed her amazing comic timing and looked really pretty.


Just like all the other Romcoms, the climax of 14 Phere was emotional. And it delivered. It didn’t felt forced in any way and relayed the message that the makers wanted to deliver.

14 Phere Review – Negatives


It is not a major issue. It is just something that I felt while watching it. 14 Phere felt slow at certain times. And as I said it was nothing major as the movie recovered in the next scene every time.

14 Phere: Is It Worth It?

I think, YES! If you are looking for a chill and enjoyable weekend alongside your family. 14 Phere might be the perfect watch. It is not hilarious in any way, but it is funny.

It will entertain you and you will have a smile on your face throughout.

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