Sherni Movie Review: A Basic Yet Ignored Tale

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Sherni Movie Review: Vidya Balan is back with yet another solid performance. It is common knowledge now that Vidya Balan is a great actress, but she picked a strong script this time. We saw Vidya Balan last time in Shakuntla Devi, which was an average kind of movie. But even in that movie, Vidya Balan stands out the most with her solid performance.

Now, let’s talk about Amazon Prime Sherni. From the first scene itself, the plot of the movie is crystal clear. And the movie will get to the point instantly without wasting any time of anyone. I really liked this movie. It was simple yet effective. The movie stands out on two fronts that we will talk about here. So, without further ado let’s get on with it.

Sherni Movie Review

Movie NameSherni
Lead CastVidya Balan
Sharat Saxena
Vijay Raaz
ScriptAastha Tiku
DirectorAmit Masurkar
ProducerBhushan Kumar
Krishan Kumar
Vikram Malhotra
Amit Masurkar
MusicUtkarsh Umesh Dhotekar
Release Date18 June 2021
Streaming onPrime Video

Sherni Plot

Sherni Movie Review: As I said, the plot of Sherni is very simple and crisp. And that is the first thing Sherni stands out on. The plot revolves around a Tigress and Vidya Vincent. Vidya Vincent is a Deputy Forest Officer who has just been posted to a village. And right before her posting there had been several cases of a Tigress killing humans.

There were several reasons that lead to the Tigress become a man-eating creature. Because not every tiger is a man-eating animal and only 10-15 out of 1000 are like that. Now, these killings start so many things and how Wildlife conservation officers and village locals deal with the situation is shown beautifully in Sherni.

Sherni Movie Review: Positives


Sherni Movie Review: The plot can’t be any simpler than this. And it starts instantly. In the first scene itself, you will be shown what this movie is all about. And the real shocker is that we don’t get many movies on this topic in Bollywood.

I don’t know why, but Bollywood has very rarely talked about Wildlife conservation considering how grave this topic really is. One reason that I can think of is that producers and makers think that this topic won’t be as commercially successful as other movies.

But, Sherni deals with that topic exactly and it never nerfs it down. The movie shows the reaction of villagers and the mentality of politicians during these attacks is shown without any kind of remorse.

Maybe another reason for not getting movies on this topic is Political innuendo.


The movie is filled with amazing cast members. Vidya Balan is just brilliant as a DFO. You will believe everything that she says and will root for her from start to the finish. Sharad Saxena plays the role of a Desi Shikaari and it is such an interesting character.

You will know lots of facts regarding Desi Shikaari in this movie which is amazing. Vijay Raaz plays the role of a Zoologist and he helps Forest Department on a regular basis. And no doubt about it he has done an amazing job.

Neeraj Kabi plays the role of Vidya’s senior and his role really shows the stubbornness of politicians and higher executives. Bijendra Kala plays the role of a Senior Forest Officer who just cares about himself and no one else.

After Sunflower, Mukul Chadda once again gave a great performance in Sherni as Pawan. All the other cast members have also done an amazing job. The cast might have been the best part of the movie without a doubt.


Amit Masurkar has directed the movie and he had directed gems like Newton in the past. People were talking and asking that can Sherni be the next Oscar nomination for Oscars like Newton because of Amit only.

You can see his unique direction style here also. The movie looks beautiful throughout. The direction is straight forward and without any distractions. You will really enjoying watching this movie.

Sherni Movie Review: Negatives


The only negative I can think of is the CGI of the movie and that is not even that bad. The movie had to use CGI of VFX to show us a tiger, because using an actual Tiger comes under animal abuse. And there are only 4-5 scenes including Tiger, so it won’t affect the movie experience in any way. And in my opinion, the message that movie wanted to convey was more important.

Sherni Movie Review: Is It Worth It?

Sherni Movie Review: Absolutely, Yes! You should watch this movie at least once with your whole family no matter what. It is an entertaining movie on a very intellectual level. And all things considering it is an important watch.

FAQs About Sherni Movie

Who are the lead casts of Sherni Movie?

Vidya Balan, Sharat Saxena, Vijay Raaz are the Lead actors and Neeraj Kabi, Brijendra Kala, Mukul Chadda, Ila Arun, Sampa Mandal are some of the Supporting Actors.

Who is the Director of Sherni Movie?

Amit Masurkar has directed this movie.

How to watch Sherni?

You need to Purchase the Premium Subscription of Amazon Prime Video to watch Sherni.

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