Anabelle Rathore Review: Horror Comedy without Comedy and Fear

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Anabelle Rathore Review: So, Anabelle Rathore or Anabelle Setupatti was released yesterday and if I am being honest, it was a very dull watch. I can name so many other things to do instead of watching this movie.

I am not being rude or anything, I am just being blunt and telling you what I felt about the movie. Anabelle Rathore is a very dumb movie from all fronts. And I have no problem in the movie is dumb, but at least make it funny.

Anabelle Rathore is neither funny nor horror at any point. We have seen tropes like these for so many years from Indian Cinema and honestly they never work. Other than few movies like Bhool Bhulayia, Go Goa Gone, Stree, and few others, I can’t name any other good Horror Comedy in Indian cinema.

And the real shock is that Taapsee Pannu and South Indian cinema are like a match made in heaven. There are very few bad Tamil movies starring Taapsee Pannu, and sadly Anabelle Rathore is one of them.

Anabelle Rathore Review

Anabelle Rathore Review

Anabelle Rathore Plot

The official synopsis of the movie reads “Rudra who is a small-time burglar gets into a palace full of ghosts. Along with the ghost, she finds out the mystery about the owner of the palace Annabelle Rathore!”

Well, the plot is as simple as it can get. It includes everything that will make a typical Bollywood horror comedy movie. Old haunted palaces, reincarnation, and unsatisfied spirits, this movie has it all.

Taapsee Pannu plays the modern-day reincarnation of a British woman from the 1940s. She enters a palace that was built by the king at that time only. And as soon as she enters the palace, she is confronted by a bunch of ghosts and only she can see them

And not only that, She is their only ticket to salvation, or should I say ‘Mukti’. And that is all. It is nothing new and you have seen a story like this so many times before. And honestly, Anabelle Rathore adds nothing to that in any way.

Anabelle Rathore Review: Direction

I think this was the only decent point of the movie that didn’t completely suck. But as I have said, it was nothing special in any way as well. It was decent to say at best. And even the direction sometimes was questionable.


I really want to question the director Deepak Sundarrajan as to why he thought that casting Taapsee as both a British girl and an Indian girl in a different era. I just want to know why he thought it was a good idea.

Taapsee Pannu is a brilliant actress and maybe it could have worked but it didn’t work at all. I know Taapsee can pull it off really well. Because I have seen her doing it so many times. But here it didn’t work at all.

Other cast members were also not able to make any impact. And I don’t think it is their fault in any way. The script didn’t let them do what they wanted to do. The freedom was not there.


I really think they could have hit a home run in this aspect. They had to shoot in one place only for the majority of the movie. And they just had to make a palace that looks real. But instead what we got was some kind of school and I was easily seeing all the fake props in the movie.

I don’t know if they were serious while shooting the movie or producing it. But at least put some effort into it.


I don’t usually focus too much on costumes, but I had to in this one. I mean you are making a movie featuring two completely different eras. And the best way to showcase that is the costumes.

And they fluffed it again here. Taapsee Pannu especially looked like a Fashion Line Ramp Walker rather than royalty in 1945. And same was with Vijay Sethupathi. He wasn’t looking king at all in any of the scenes.

Anabelle Rathore Review: Is It Worth It?

Anabelle Rathore Review: I will say that you should skip it. I would have said that watch it for Vijay Sethupathi and Taapsee Pannu because both of them are really good. But the story didn’t give them anything to showcase that.

I had to drag myself to complete this movie and I am not sure I have completed it or not. It was a struggle to watch this movie. You can watch so many other movies and shows instead of Anabelle Rathore.

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