Aquaman got a new suit. Here is what it indicates

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Aquaman New Suit: Jason Momoa uploaded a new picture from the sets of the second part of Aquaman and it looks kind of amazing. Just like Superman in Justice League Snyder Cut, we see Aquaman in the black suit also.

Now, the picture got many fans excited but also got so many people confusing. Excited because the new suit looks so amazing. And confused because there was no context to the picture.

Fans were confused why there was a black suit and what does it mean? Now, obviously, the latest picture got almost the whole internet talking. As I have said fans were confused why Aquaman needed a new suit?

Well, this will be the fourth suit that the protector of the ocean will wear on the big screen. He has three suits as of now in three different movies. He had more of a green suit in Justice League(2017).

His standalone movie in 2018 saw him in a traditional Aquaman suit. In contrast, Snyder Cut suit was more detailed and was kind of dark. So, this will be the fourth suit.

Now, the newest suit is cool and all but without context you will be in dark as what does it mean? Because the new dark suit holds importance and is a very cool suit. And we will tell you everything about it.

Aquaman: The Lost Kingdom New Suit

Aquaman got a new suit.

It is almost confirmed that Black Manta will be the main antagonist in Aquaman: The Lost Kingdom. We saw him holding grudge against Aquaman in the first part also for not saving his dad.

Now, we saw in the post-credits scene, Dr. Stephen Shin saved black Mantaen Shin. He is also a mad scientist, completely obsessed with finding secrets to Atlantis.

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We think that Dr.Stephen Shin will provide Black Manta will some kind of stealth technology by which he will enter Atlantis. Black Manta has also been teased to “loom much larger” than the previous movie.

Now, Aquaman will need to fight stealth with stealth only. And that is where the new dark suit comes into play, as it will give Aquaman a huge advantage against Black Manta.

Yes, the new dark suit of Aquaman is a stealth suit. And it is not any normal stealth suit. It is made up of Atlantean Tech and is capable of camouflage like Cephalopods do.

Screenwriter David Leslie Johnson-McGoldrick and Wan were inspired by the ‘blue suit’ from the 80’s comic. The stealth suit was first introduced in 1986’s four-issue miniseries by Neal Pozner. The costume was dubbed the camouflage suit and meant to blend in with the ocean.

Aquaman: The Lost Kingdom is going to dive deep into the character-rich comic book history to create new exciting looks while mixing them within the character’s cultural background.

It also suggests that the second part will dive deep into Aquaman mythologies and history, which is good. Let general fans know how cool Aquaman really is.

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Aqualad In Aquaman?

There have been rumors or should we say theories that Aqualad might be in Aquaman and The Lost Kingdom. Now, these theories are based on the facthe New 52 run of Aquaman has heavily inspired the new suit of Aquaman.

And the run in the comics that introduced stealth suit for the first time also introduced us to Aqualad. If you don’t know about Aqualad just know that he is Aquaman’s sidekick.

There are two characters that have played Aqualad in the DC universe. First is Garth, he was the first Aqualad and then went on to become Tempest. One of the founding members of Teen Titans.

The second one is  Kaldur’ahm, who is the son of Black Manta. Now,  Kaldur’ahm was featured heavily in Young Justice as Aqualad. But considering Black Manta is not married in the Aquaman movie series. We think it will be Garth.

It is all a theory as of now and nothing is confirmed. We will confirm with you as soon as we will get some more information regarding the movie.

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