Aranayak Sneak Peek: Raveena Tondon Starrer Show Is Spooky

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Aranayak Sneak Peek: The sneak peek will give you chills for sure!!

So, not only Madhuri Dixit, but Raveena Tondon is also making her debut on an OTT platform-based web series. TUDUM India released another sneak peek of one of their upcoming shows.

Aranayak looks like a kind of gloomy and spooky show that the Indian audience really needs. We have seen so many times that Netflix Indian wants to redefine the horror genre in India with their new approach to the shows.

Shows like Betaal and Ghoul are examples of that only. But none of them have really worked out for them. But as Raj Kapoor once said, “The Show Must Go On”. And Netflix is back again with another spooky horror show.

The Sneak Peek of Aranayak released at TUDUM is really something good. It didn’t reveal anything but was enough to let you know that you should look out for this show.

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Aranayak Plot

The official synopsis of the show reads “When a local murder is being investigated, a mystery and old ancient myths come to light.”

And that is the only piece of information we have regarding the plot or story of the series. The show will revolve around a murder mystery in a small hill station.

Raveena Tondon will play the role of a cop who digs up a skeleton and revives a forgotten Himalayan myth of a bloodthirsty, serial killing entity in the forest while investigating the disappearance of a teenage tourist.

There will be lots of spooky elements in the show and as the synopsis suggests, it will all be mythical So, we might see something similar to Asur in that aspect. It will just be horror instead of a thriller.

We will update you as soon as we will get some more information regarding the plot or storyline of the show.

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Aranayak Release Date

As of now no release date has been announced for the show. It is said that it will be coming soon on Netflix only. Once again, just like Finding Anamika, we are expecting a late October release.

IMDB has listed a total of 7 episodes on their site. Each episode will be around 40 minutes and all of them will release on the same day only.

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Aranayak Cast

There are some absolute ballers in this cast. Netflix still hasn’t released the whole cast yet. But here are the confirmed cast members:

I am really excited about Raveena Tondon’s return. But I am more excited to see Ashutosh Rana on my screen again. He has been dropping some masterful performances one after another. And it won’t be any different here.

The show is produced by Roy Kapur Films and Ramesh Sippy Entertainment, it has Rohan Sippy as its showrunner and Vinay Waikul as the director.

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Aranayak – What To Expect?

Once again, Netflix does not have a good track record when it comes to horror shows. But I am hoping it changes now. Because this looks like a very good show from the clip we got.

Once again, we will be able to tell more once the official trailer is out. So, look out for that.

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