Atrangi Re Movie Review: Fresh story but is it worthy?

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Atrangi Re featuring Akshay Kumar, Dhannus, and Sara Ali Khan is now released. The story is very fresh and powerful, but they made many mistakes that ruined it. Atrangi re is a love story that is unique in itself, but the film’s creation couldn’t be worst.

Before we dive into the review and breakdown of the movie, let’s understand the story of Atrangi Re.

Atrangi Re Star Cast And Other Details

Movie NameAtrangi Re
GenreComedy, Romance, Drama
Directed byAanand L Roy
Lead CastAkshay Kumar
Sara Ali Khan
Streaming onDisney+ Hotstar
Release Date24 December 2021
IMDb Ratings7.7/10

Atrangi Re Story/Plot

Okay, before we get into the story of theAtrangi Re movie, let me be obvious, I won’t be able to explain it fully to keep the movie’s twists intact. So, the story shared in this review is just a fraction of what’s in the film.

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The story revolves around Rinku (played by Sara Ali Khan), madly in love with her magician boyfriend, Sajjad Ali (played by Akshay Kumar). Due to the apparent cast-clash, Rinku’s toxic family does her ‘Jabariya Shaadi’ (forced marriage) by kidnapping a groom for her, Vishu (played by Dhanush).

A shy and reserved doctor, Vishu wanted to raid his girlfriend’s wedding to make a heroic entry memorable for them. But fate brings Vishu & Rinku together, that too for direct marriage.

This leads to a love triangle between Vishu, Rinku & Sajjad (I’m making it sound simple not to spoil anything, but it’s not as simple as that), and it’s a lot more than that guy would get the girl in the end. (Phew! I managed to write the essence of the story without spoiling anything).

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Atrangi Re Review: Story analysis

Think of a love triangle, now imagine all the permutations-combinations you can think of and what could happen in the lives of those three people to get till a result, Himanshu Sharma’s story of Atrangi Re won’t fit even in a single aspect of whatever you just predicted.

The script majorly highlights PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder, a mental health issue) backed by a tormenting misery of a particular character in the movie.

Atrangi Re Movie falls in the ‘so complicated yet so simple’ category of stories as the twist, which might get monotonous & unconvincing for a few as the story progresses, won’t let anyone leave the cinema hall with a half-hearted viewpoint.

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You may predict the story, but suddenly, everything seems to be flipped over. PS.: Don’t try to predict Atrangi Re ;).

The movie feels short for Comedy. Given the track record of what extent Rai & Sharma (Tanu Weds Manu & Returns, first half of Zero) could go to tickle your funny bone, this movie is nowhere even close to it.

In simple words, that could have gotten better, and there was more scope for improving it.

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Atrangi Re Movie Review: Star casts performance

Atrangi Re Movie Review: Star casts performance

Sara Ali Khan looks like an acting queen in the movie, and her Bihari Accent was flawed away in just a few minutes of the film. Dhanush did great, and I can say that Dhannus added a game on the screen wherever he appeared.

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Akshay Kumar, as a magician and comedy king, did almost well. We had more expectations from Akki as we have seen him as one of the greatest comedians on the screen, but I feel like the screenplay ruined the Comedy in the movie and not Akshay Kumar. So he was also up to the mark, but Sara could have done better in her role.

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Atrangi Re Movie Review: What convinced me for 7 stars out of 10?

AR Rahman. Yes, the Music by AR Rahman was the reason that kept me hooked to the story and also the twist entire direction. I was predicting the whole end, and suddenly, everything on the screen changed in front of the audience. So I was very impressed with the direction and Music they have come up with.

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Atrangi Re – Should you watch it?

Even if there are so many loopholes and bumps in the movie, Atrangi Re is overall a good entertainer, and the story has a very different point of view. The movie’s story had many twists, and it feels good to enjoy those moments. Although the creators could have done better, they did well.

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