Bell Bottom Official Trailer Marks The Opening Of Cinema Halls

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Bell Bottom Official Trailer: So, finally, after a very long wait, the official trailer of Akshay Kumar’s upcoming movie Bell Bottom is out. And the trailer looked absolutely stunning and I am hyped up for the movie.

Bell Bottom looks like a movie worthy of releasing in cinema halls after a break. The trailer was filled with amazing dialogues, beautiful music, and complete tension.

From the first scene of the trailer till the absolute last it will give you a big movie vibe. And that is exactly how it should be as it is the return of cinema halls in India.

I am mentioning the reopening of cinema halls over and over again because it is such a big deal. Because Indian halls will open properly for the first time in almost 2 years.

And I am ready for that. Yes, the OTT era was nice and people were able to watch the movies at home but nothing can match the magic of theaters. And I think it’s time to reopen the halls with proper precautions.

Bell Bottom Official Trailer, Cast, Release Date and more

Bell Bottom Plot/Storyline

The official synopsis reads “Amongst multiple heinous airplane hijacks, India was made to face another such challenge in 1984. BellBottom, a RAW agent played by Akshay Kumar sees through the plan and thus, begins India’s first covert operation. A story based on true events, led by BellBotom, that went on to create one of the most defining moments of the country.

The movie is inspired by real events back in the 1980s when 7 continuous plane hijacks took India by storm. You will get to know everything from the trailer only.

Even if the movie is inspired by real events, it is not a replication of the real events. SO keep that in mind while watching the movie.

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Bell Bottom Movie Release Date

Bell Bottom is all ready to hit theaters on the 19th of August, 2021. Half of the states in India have reopened the halls with 50 percent seating capacity. So, you can watch the movie there.

The movie will eventually land on Amazon Prime Videos. As they are the official streaming partner of the movie. But I will make sure to watch this movie in the hall no matter what.

Bell Bottom Cast

The cast of the movie looks amazing. The cast includes:

  • Akshay Kumar as Bell Bottom
  • Vani Kapoor as Akshay Kumar’s wife
  • Lara Dutta as Indira Gandhi
  • Deep Joshi
  • Huma Qureshi
  • Denzil Smith as R.N. Kao
  • Aniruddh Dave
  • Adil Hussain
  • Thalaivasal Vijay

As I said earlier, the cast is really good and looks promising. Akshay Kumar once again will steal the show as he always does well as a Secret Agent. We have seen his performance in Baby and Naam Shabana.

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Lara Dutta looks unrecognizable as Smt. Indira Gandhi. I bet she is going to rock this role. Other cast members are also really good and you can expect big things from them.

Bell Bottom: What To Expect?

I am expecting a high-tension nerve-wracking movie. The trailer was giving kind of Baby vibes. That means that the movie will always be in 5th gear with some comedic moments here and there.

The music was amazing in the trailer and really increased the tension tenfolds. The dialogues are also really good. They are nowhere as flashy as we saw in Bhuj’s trailer, and I liked that.

I am expecting a solid entertainer and with the movie releasing in hall, it will be a different vibe altogether.

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