Bell Bottom Review: A Decent Movie Marks The Return Of Movies To The Cinema Halls

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Bell Bottom Review: So, finally, Bollywood returns to the cinema halls after so long. And I missed this feeling for so long. It has been so long since I have watched a Bollywood movie in the cinema hall.

And I will thank all the makers and Akshay Kumar that deliberately delayed this movie so that it could release in the halls. We needed someone to take this initiative and release their movie in the halls in times like these.

And Akshay Kumar did that and it will obviously start other makers and actors to release their movie in halls too. And no matter what you say, nothing can beat the experience of watching a movie in the hall itself.

Now coming back to the actual movie review. Bell Bottom is a decent movie to mark this return of Bollywood. It was fast-paced, was nerve-wracking at so many times and it will even engage you surely.

But this movie is not perfect for sure. It had so many weak spots throughout the movie. Certain spots are literally a turn-off for all the fans. But overall looking at it, the movie just worked for so many reasons.

Bell Bottom Review, Cast, Plot/Storyline, and other details

Movie Bell Bottom
CastAkshay Kumar
Huma Qureshi
Lara Dutta
Vaani Kapoor
DirectorRanjit Tewari
Runtime2 Hours 3 Minutes
Releasing onCinema Halls

Bell Bottom Review: Plot/Storyline

Bell Bottom Review: Bell Bottom is based in the 1980s. Obviously, it is based on a real story. It is a story of a RAW agent who leads a mission to save 210 passengers held hostage on an Indian Airlines plane hijacked by Pakistan-sponsored desperados.

When ISI was successful in hijacking a plane to demand the release of few Khalistani soldiers, here comes RAW agent codenamed BellBottom to save the day.

Instead of a treaty, he advised Mrs. Indira Gandhi to let him do a covert mission with a team of his choosing. Obviously, the higher-ups were not on board with it.

But they agreed reluctantly at the end and the mission starts. And from there, it shows how the team saved all the passengers that were stuck in the plane.

When you are doing a movie based on real events, you already have a good plot. What matters is how you adapt it on the screen and make it work. And for the most part, BellBottom made it work.

But when half the movie is good, the other half is just decent. Half of the time, it felt more like a family drama, as the movie deals with flashbacks a lot. And I mean a lot.

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Bell Bottom Review: What Worked For The Movie?


When I went to watch the movie, I thought I would watch something like Baby or that sort of movie. A movie where our heroes give some heavy dialogues beat up some goons and save the day.

But what I got was completely different from that. For the most part, the movie was really subtle. There were no heavy dialogues and people talked like normal people.

And I liked that about BellBottom. There was not much show boarding and it felt like a good watch that wouldn’t overwhelm you. Well, there were some scenes like that, but overall it was a subtle movie.

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Cast Members

The cast was brilliant. And if you haven’t got what I just said, the cast was absolutely brilliant. Everyone knew what was given to them and they nailed that role with proper finesse.

Akshay Kumar was proper Akshay Kumar and didn’t have to do much different from his previous movies. He was believable as a charming hero who can save the day.

As I said, it was nothing new that Akshay Kumar hasn’t done before. And Akshay Kumar has really found a formula to nail these roles every single time without missing even a single beat.

Huma Quereshi was amazing as well. With the limited amount of screen time she got, she also nailed the role that was given to her.

The one cast member that I was looking forward to seeing was Lara Dutt and I wasn’t disappointed. First of all, she didn’t look like Lara Dutt at all. And the way she acted, it never felt like she was Lara Dutt we all know.

She absolutely nailed this role and there is nothing you can say to change my mind on that. Other cast members like Denzil Smith and Kavi Raz also showed us why they are considered veterans in this industry.

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BellBottom: What Didn’t Worked

Characters Screentime

On one hand, where every cast member did their absolute best and gave really good performances, the amount of screen time they got was just miserable, to say the least.

In the end, it is an Akshay Kumar movie and he will dominate most of the screen time but other characters deserved more than what they got. And even if the movie stretched 20 minutes because of it, there is no harm in that.

Vaani Kapoor is just there for the sake of it. She didn’t have anything to do on the screen. Lara Dutta was brilliant but the screen time she got was so less as well.

Huma Quereshi was influential but once again her screen time was really less to make anything concrete. As I said, if other characters could have got more screen time, it would have been more dynamic and would have worked so much better.


As I said, half of the movie turns out to be in flashbacks and it really takes away the major crux of the movie. The focus on the actual storyline is really less. And as the movie progressed it feels like a family drama rather than a thriller.

If the flashback scenes were reduced a bit, once again the movie would have been so much better than it actually turned out to be.

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Bell Bottom Review: Should you watch the Movie?

I would say, YES! The chance to get back in the hall and enjoy a movie is big enough to watch this movie in the hall. And it’s not like, Bell Bottom is a bad movie in any sense.

It is a decent movie that you will enjoy. It is an entertaining movie with flaws. And you can have those. There are so many plus points over negative points.

The cast was good, but there wasn’t enough character depth. The dialogues were good and felt like what people would normally say, except a few. The story was engaging but there was nothing to be excited about.

So, in my opinion, you can watch this movie in the halls and you won’t be disappointed.

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