Bhuj Movie Review: Strong Dialogues and Tense Music Couldn’t Save The Movie

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Bhuj Movie Review: Yesterday, we got Shershaah, which was a simple yet stellar movie on the life of Captain Vikram Batra. And today we got another patriotic movie Bhuj, which is based on Squadron leader Vijay Karnik.

Both of these movies are based on something similar, but both of them are so different from each other. On one hand, Shershaah was a perfect movie to pay homage to Captain Vikram Batra.

Whereas, on the other hand, Bhuj is filled with strong dialogues and nail-biting music but still fails to reach that level. There is something major missing in this movie and that is a proper flow.

The makers tried to make this movie really ‘filmy’ in one sense. That is the exact same thing that happened with Tanhaji. There is a focus on dialogues, music, entry of every character.

But the makers kind of forget one main thing necessary for a war movie: HEART!! Don’t get me wrong, every cast member acted their hearts out here, but the script had nothing.

Fans are still going t like this movie. Because we Indians are most patriotic while watching a movie and it gives us a sense of superiority. But from a point of a movie, Bhuj might be a disaster.

Bhuj Movie Review, Cast, Plot/Storyline and more

Movie Bhuj: The Pride Of India
IMDb Rating6.0/10
GenreAction, Drama, History
CastAjay Devgn
Sonakshi Sinha
Sanjay Dutt
Ammy Virk
Sharad Kelkar
DirectorAbhishek Dudhaiya
Streaming On Disney+ Hotstar
Runtime 110 Minutes

Bhuj Movie Review, Plot, and Other Deatils

Bhuj Movie Review: Plot/Storyline

Bhuj Movie Review: The official synopsis of the movie reads “Bhuj the pride of India is a story about 300 Gujarati women who helped the Indian Airforce during Bangladesh and Pakistan War.”

I don’t think the story was a problem for Bhuj. They have a story on their plate ready to be made into a movie. The incident at Bhuj is a legend and the Indian audience is always aching for a good war movie.

The problems started when Abhishek Dudhaiya decided to make this a “filmy” movie. And he didn’t realize when to stop with it. He just went on and on and at the end, the only thing that was remaining was strong dialogues and edgy music.

The first half narrates the story of Indo-Pak relations, formation of Bangladesh and ends with why did the attack on Bhuj took place. Which was a surprise start to the movie, but I kind of liked it.

The second half focuses on the attacks and how the Indian soldiers are trying to minimize the damage from the second attack that will happen. They will get some help from the villagers also.

And all of that ends with a final attack that is filmed in one of the filmiest ways I have ever seen in a war biopic. I wasn’t able to digest for a while what I have seen.

Bhuj Review: What Worked For The Film!


Obviously, the dialogues of the movie are a real treat for everyone. The dialogues might be too strong and too catchy, but you can’t deny that these dialogues will make your blood rush.

Half of the goosebumps moments from the movie came because of the dialogues only. Every character had a strong line before they entered and the suit followed throughout the end.

Ajay Devgn especially delivered some of the most catchy dialogues I have ever seen in a movie. From the first minute to the last, he is doing that only.


The background music of the movie was also a real treat. It increased the intensity of the movie which was needed so badly. It didn’t come in between any dialogues.

And it didn’t obstruct my viewing experience in any way. Out of all the things the background music of Bhuj was a real treat and was able to hype me up throughout the movie.


As I said, the story was never a problem for the Bhuj movie. They had everything on a platter ready to be served. Obviously, the story is good and will always work with the fans no matter what you do.

As I said, that the story will work no matter what with the fans. It is a blood rusher and few goosebumps moments are always confirmed no matter what you do.

And that is exactly what happened. No matter how much of a disaster the script was, the story worked and made the movie bearable for the entire runtime of the movie.

Bhuj Review: What Didn’t Worked For The Movie


The real shame was the characters of the movie. Every character was felt bland and without any flavor. There was not a single distinguishing factor between every character.

From the trailer, it felt like Vjay Karnik was a character that was written for Ajay Devgn only. But the overacting and melodrama really took away the characters defining traits.

There were so many other great actors in the movie as well. I was excited to see Sharad Kelkar as well, but his character was also bland and did nothing for him.

The same situation was with Sanjay Dutt and Sonakshi Sinha’s characters. Sanjay Dutt’s quest for getting a good movie after his return will have to wait for some time again.

Every character felt the same with one strong dialogue on their entry and following the same route till the end.


I just said that story was never a problem for Bhuj, but the script is. The way Abhishek Dudhaiya decided to make the movie so filmy really got in the way to make the movie good.

They tried to adopt the same formula as Tanhaji but failed so badly this time around. The movie felt more like a masala movie rather than a war biopic and that is not how a movie like this should feel.

And we just got a movie like Shershaah yesterday, which was simple but still was able to raise the spirits of the fans. And if we compare both of the movies the difference is as visible as day and night.


I am glad that they tried to use this much VFX, but they failed miserably. The VFX felt like something from a low-budget daily soap and not like a high-budget war movie.

You could clearly see the VFX of the movie and that is never a good look for the movie.


On one hand, where the background score of the movie was really good, the songs are that bad only. Not a single song clicked with the fans and none of them were catchy.

And on the other hand, none of the songs suited the mood of the movie. The song came out of nowhere and that was the case with every song.

You could see that Nora was only natural when it came to the songs and otherwise felt out of the place throughout the whole movie.


The real problem was the pace of the movie for real. It was so fast that didn’t let you digest even a single moment. There was not a regular flow in the entire movie.

The movie is so fast yet feels so slow so many times. And I never thought that was possible before I watched this movie. If they could have made this movie 10 minutes longer and let the fans digest big scenes, it could have been so much better.

How To Watch Bhuj: The Pride of India?

You can watch the movie exclusively on Disney+ Hostar. You just need the subscription to the OTT platform. We request you to use only legit sources as it will help the creators of the movies.

  • Open Disney+ Hotstar.
  • Select your subscription plan.
  • You can select either VIP or Premium plan.
  • Enjoy the movie.

Bhuj: Is It Worth It?

I don’t know what to say. I mean I had huge expectations from this movie but it failed to match that by a huge length. Definitely one will get goosebumps from a few of the scenes and songs and yes it’s a good way to show respect to our armed forces and heroic actions of civilians.

But this movie fails many times to provide the timeline of the scenes as well as the flow of scenes. On the other hand, I don’t hate Bhuj as a movie, I just hate the way they approached it.

They tried to make this movie as filmy as possible and when we got a movie like Shershaah just yesterday, it really affects the movie in a bad way.

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