Black Widow Movie Review: Scarlett Johansson Shines in Marvel’s Latest Thriller

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Black Widow Movie Review: Marvel’s Balck Widow just got released earlier today and Scarlett Johansson showed us why she was such an important part of MCU. Finally, Black Widow got her own movie and it was as good as expected.

As I said, Black Widow should have gotten her own movie so much earlier. But, better late than never. And when the movie is this good, it just makes you happy.

MCU once again showed that they are capable of making a serious movie. And they should do this more often without any doubt. There is a reason why their best movies include superheroes with no powers.

From the first scene to the post-credit scene, Black Widow is magnificent. It was a serious movie and still included some jokes here and there. But, they were not at the level of Ragnarok, which I am grateful for.

Black Widow Movie Review

Black Widow: Plot/Storyline

Black Widow Movie Review: The movie starts in Ohio in the 90s. Yes, we are starting with a flashback. We get to see young Natasha for the first time. A brave girl who has dead look in her eyes.

The scene pans out and reveals that Natasha and her younger sister are training in a Soviet boot camp known as “Red Room”. She is getting trained to be a cold-blooded agent.

After that, the movie will cut onto Captain America: Civil War, where Natasha is a fugitive once again and is on a run.

Black Widow constantly jumps into flashbacks and the current time and it is such a good aesthetic. The whole movie is built around Natasha and her journey of finding herself.

And ultimately, she finds a place that was really for her. The Avengers was her home for the longest time. But it was not her only home. And Black Widow will introduce you to her second home, but ultimately the first one.

Black Widow: Positives


Black Widow Movie Review: The whole cast was brilliant here. Scarlett Johansson showed us why she was such an underrated member of MCU. And how much we will miss her.

Other cast members were also brilliant here. Florence Pugh, Rachel Weisz, and David Harbour understood their role and played it to perfection. Yolanda Lynes was also brilliant.

For a movie, that was filled with tension throughout, none of the actors really dropped the ball anywhere. You could have seen the tension on everyone’s face from start to finish.


Black Widow Movie Review: Marvel always had a way of making some really good origin movies. Black Panther was the example that stood out. But, I think Black Widow should be considered at the same level now.

A movie that focuses on a cold-blooded agent, Black Widow showed too many emotions that it didn’t have any right to show. And that is the strength of this movie.

You already care about Black Widow, but this movie will make you care about Natasha too. And more importantly, it will make you care about Yelena. This is important because Marvel is planning to make another female superhero movie based on her.

Black Widow feels so much different from all the other MCU movies. And it needed to be different, otherwise, it wouldn’t have worked. It had a classic spy thriller vibe to it and you can never go wrong with it.


Usually, MCU movies never feature strong dialogues. The last MCU movie which really had really strong dialogues was Age Of Ultron. And because of that Black Widow seems like a huge deal.

There is an exchange between Yelena and Natasha between a fight and it’s so funny and yet it is so good and moving. Once again, Marvel showed us, if they took the serious path, they can make it work.

Black Widow: Negatives

Released Too Late

As I said, this movie was released way too late. If it was released right after Civil War, it could have been so much better. It was still good, but it would have felt so much more important if it was released back then.

It might seem like a very small problem, but it is not. Marvel’s problem of never acknowledging their female superheroes until they become non-negligible is so bad for everyone.

Black Widow: Is It Worth It?

Black Widow Movie Review: Absolutely, YES! Black Widow is definitely one of the best movies of MCU I have ever watched. It felt fresh and unique from all the other Marvel movies I have watched over the years.

I honestly thought that Balck Widow will be full of action and comedy dialogues. But it felt so much underwhelming in that area and focused on the story somehow. And I love that about this movie.

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