Bob Biswas Movie REVIEW, Release Date, Cast, and Watch Online

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Bob Biswas Movie REVIEW: If you like to watch Suspense thriller movies of Bollywood, you must hear of a name, Kahani which is one of the best Suspense Thriller Bollywood movies. Kahani was released in 2012 and it was a great movie.

But there was a life insurance agent who was making his living by killing people in Kahani (2012). You must want to see his back story, who he actually was, how he started killing people and why?

Well, the creators had left the story for you to assume but it’s been a long since you have been imagining so they made Bob Biswas. Bob Biswas is a sequel of Kahani which will tell you the tale of Bob Biswas from the movie.

Bob Biswas Movie Details

Movie NameBob Biswas
DirectorDiya Annapurna Ghosh
CastAbhishek Bachchan
Chitrangda Singh
Amar Upadhyay
Release DateDec 3, 2021
Available onZEE5

Bob Biswas Story

The story of the movie begins with the wake up of Bob from 8 years of Coma. How he got in a coma is still a mystery and the creators didn’t reveal it yet. Bob Biswas, after being conscious of the Coma, has lost his memory.

He is informed he has a wife, Mary (Chitrangada Singh), and two kids names Minni and Benny (Samara Tijori, Ronith Arora), and he used to be a life insurance salesman. He was a Life Insurance seller but there was some secret employer of him who was making him do killing work.

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He was living a normal life with his family selling Life Insurances but suddenly, one day 2 guy who was always keeping their eye on Bob Biswas, kidnapped him in a car and told the harsh truth about his past life. They said that Bob was killing for them and it’s time for him to get back to his work.

He was a sharp and smart contract killer in his past life and despite being unconscious for 8 years and losing his memory, he still kills with the exact perfection that he used to.

Assembling the gun and shooting was in his muscle memory. But there is a difference between the previous Bob Biswas and the present Bob. Now he is consciously thinking about whether it is good to kill someone or bad.

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Bob, who’s slowly coming to terms with his life post coma, is also rediscovering his darker side. While he works as an insurance agent, he’s more of a pro at shooting his assigned targets and one such mission also sees him struck by flashbacks from his past.

Bob 2.0, it seems, has discovered a conscience. He starts worrying if his target is a good or a bad person. He asks a pastor: should I do this for a living? Or was I made for this?

Bob Biswas Movie REVIEW

Many delightful elements of the Kahaani movie are back in Bob Biswas which makes it a more entertaining and enjoyable story. Bob Biswas ends with an unnecessary reference to Kahaani.

After two hours, we never get the answers to what made the original Bob Biswas so compelling: who is he? How did he become a contract killer? What’s he like when there is no one around? and many more questions that we had, is still valid.

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The movie is entertaining and the concept is new. The way actors are presenting themselves looks so real that you will not feel it as a Movie but your own experience.

The story writers have made a laughter challenge out of a Murder in the whole movie. The screenplay is such that you will not be able to control your laughter even when there are fresh sprinkles of blood is on the face of the character.

This is a breathtaking movie for Bollywood and the way Abhishek did all the scenes were amazing. Do you remember Abhishek Bachhan from Breath into the Shadow? You will experience that thrill in Bob Biswas as well. You should definitely watch the movie on Zee5.

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Bob Biswas Cast

  • Abhishek Bachchan as Bob Biswas
  • Chitrangada Singh as Mary Biswas
  • Paran Bandopadhyay as Kali Da
  • Purab Kohli as Bubai
  • Ronith Arora as Benny
  • Samara Tijori as Mini
  • Karanuday Jenjani as David
  • Bhanu Goswami as Jishu Narang

Bob Biswash Release Date

The movie was released on December 3, 2021, and is available to watch on ZEE5.

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