Dial 100 Review: Manoj Vajpayee and Nina Gupta Carries A Lacklustre Story

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Dial 100 Review: I had so many expectations from this movie. But they all fell flat on my face and I wasn’t expecting that in any way. From the trailer to the start of the movie everything was so good.

But as the movie progressed it started becoming lackluster. And by the end of the movie, I completely lost interest in it. And not only that it became so predictable so fast.

And I thought it would be so much better than it actually was. But, Dial 100 is nothing more than a one-time watch. You will enjoy the movie because of the cast members.

But at the same time, you will be disappointed too. Because the makers had everything in their arsenal and yet they failed to make the most of it.

Dial 100 Review, Plot/Story, Cast, And Other Details

MovieDial 100
CastManoj Vajpayee
Nina Gupta
IMDB Rating6.3/10
DirectorRenzil D’Silva
Streaming OnZee5
Runtime104 minutes

Dial 100 Plot/Storyline

The official synopsis reads “One night while working at the Mumbai Police Emergency Call Centre, police officer Nikhil Sood gets a call from a hysterical woman who wants to commit suicide. Even as he tries to save her, Nikhil has no idea that it will lead to him endangering his own family as dark truths that he has been hiding threaten to destroy all that he loves and stands for”.

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As I said, the movie looks so good on paper. It has an amazing cast, an amazing plot, and the music of the movie is just mind-blowing. If they could have just capitalized what they had, this movie could have been so much better.

The plot of the movie is quite nice and they actually keep you in dark for the start of the movie. They let you figure out the plot at the beginning, and I really liked that part of the movie.

But in the second half, the movie starts losing its pace and the third part is completely nerfed down. The climax was able to revive the movie a little bit, but it was not enough.

Dial 100 review: What we liked about Dial 100?


As I said the cast of the movie is amazing. Manoj Vajpayee and Nina Gupta showed us why they are such good artists. They practically carried the movie on their back for most of the movie.

I think particularly Nina Gupta was the star of the movie. Usually, we see her as a mother on the screen, but she was a legit boss this time. She played the role of the antagonist so brilliantly.

Other cast members like Sakshi Tanwar and Svar Kamble also did their job perfectly. They did exactly what was asked of them. I don’t think I have to say anything about Manoj Vajpayee’s acting.

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Dial 100 Review: What we didn’t liked?


Yes, the biggest negative that led everyone down in this movie was the script. After such a good start, after keeping the tension sky-high for the most part in the first half, the movie failed to deliver at every point.

The movie got slow, it became predictable and it had nothing new to offer. What starts as a thriller became an emotional drama and that too failed to leave an impact.


The main thing about a thriller movie is that it is unpredictable and will leave you in awe about the outcome. But that was not the cast with Dial 100. You could have seen the ending coming from miles away.

Yes, the last twist of the movie might have been a little unpredictable, but by that time the movie was completely over.

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Final Words: Should you watch Dial 100 movie?

Dial 100 Review: I will say that it is a one-time watch. And it is because of the cast and their performance. And the first half of the movie is quite decent if you ask me. If you don’t want to watch it, you can skip it. You won’t miss something amazing.

But if you decide to watch it, you will see some really amazing performances by some of the best actors in our country right now.

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