Escape the Undertaker Trailer, Release Date & Cast

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Escape the Undertaker: So, Undertaker is back from retirement once again. But this time it is not for a wrestling show in Saudi Arabia. That might be scarier than the movie that will mark the comeback of Mark William Calaway.

So, Undertaker retired on Survivor Series 2020 after making his debut in Survivor Series 1990. After a legendary career of 30 years, Undertaker gave an emotional speech that left everyone in tears and bid farewell.

Now, I am glad I don’t have to see Undertaker wrestling anymore because he is 60 years old. And that Goldberg match is still fresh in my head. But that doesn’t mean that I don’t want to see Undertaker.

After all, he is the best character in wrestling ever and we all love him. So, when WWE announced “Escape The Undertaker”, I was really happy and I was looking forward to it. And yesterday, Netflix released the first teaser of the movie as well.

Escape the Undertaker: Feel The Power of Positivity or Rest In Peace!!!

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Escape The Undertaker: Plot/Storyline

The official synopsis reads “Can The New Day survive the surprises at The Undertaker’s spooky mansion? It’s up to you to decide their fate in this interactive WWE-themed special.”

New Day a.k.a Big E, Kofi Kingston, and Xavier Woods will enter Undertaker’s spooky mansion to get his ‘Urn’. Yes, the same Urn that Paul Bearer used to carry that has Undertaker soul in it.

New Day wants to add the power of Urn to their power of positivity and then they will be unstoppable. But it won’t be as simple as they think it will be. After all, it is the legendary Urn we are talking about. CM Punk was thrown in the cage because of it.

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Escape The Undertaker will be an interactive movie where you will be able to decide what the characters will do. Will The New Day be able to survive this spooky mansion and get the Urn out?

Or will The Undertaker scare them enough and their soul will be with Undertaker forever? We will have to wait and see. It will be a ridiculous movie in a good way. There will be so many over-the-top things here.

And the best part is that all of it will be intentional as well. I mean, there is a morgue in Undertaker’s mansion.

Escape The Undertaker: Release Date

The movie is all set to release on October 5, 2021. And the best thing is that it will release on Netflix. So, if you didn’t have a WWE Network subscription, you can still watch and enjoy it.

The time duration is only 31 minutes. So, I think it will be wrong to say it is a movie as well. It is just a fun, special featurette. And it will stream in all 190 countries where Netflix is available.

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Escape The Undertaker: Cast list

There are only 4 cast members in the movie. The movie will feature The New Day and The Undertaker. I really think that if we can get a little cameo of Michelle McCool, it will be really cool.

The cast is:

Escape The Undertaker: What To Expect

I mean, it will be a ridiculous movie in a good way. We will have all the spooky stuff related to Undertaker in WWE. And The New Day is just charismatic as ever. The thing is all four of them know what they are doing.

This will be Netflix’s Third interactive movie after Black Mirror: Bandersnatch and Kimmy vs the Reverend. It will be WWE’s first collaborative movie with Netflix as well. And it will be different from the first two Netflix interactive special.

I mean, in the end, you are the one who will decide the plot of the movie. Will The New Day “Rest In Peace” or will The Undertaker will “Feel The Power Of Positivity”. It is all up to you.

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