Italian Studies Is Going To Make Memory Loss Looks Cool, REVIEW

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Italian Studies: Vanessa Kirby will wander in New York City with no memories!! Vanessa Kirby is a goddess. It is a fact that I have accepted, and all of you have to admit it too. And when she is coming on the big screen with one of the most promising directors and writers, you know the movie will be good.

Italian Studies is an upcoming drama film by director and writer Adam Leon. And the trailer that we got a few weeks ago was just perplexing. It is a dream Esque movie that will travel through the realm of nature, humanity, loneliness and will explore lots of other things.

We have seen Vanessa Kirby act her heart out in serious roles before, such as Pieces of a Woman, Jupiter Ascending, and many more movies. And even though Adam Leon does not have many films to his name, his Tramps and Gimme The Loot have been praised by so many people.

So, by looking at everything, Italian Stories looks like a beautiful, complex movie that we have to watch no matter what. And obviously, I am excited about it. I get excited about almost every movie, but this one feels special.

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Italian Studies — Plot

The official synopsis of the movie reads, “While visiting NYC from her native London, writer Alina Reynolds inexplicably loses her memory and suddenly becomes unmoored and adrift on the streets of Manhattan with no sense of time or place—or even her own name.”

As can be seen, the movie’s plot is quite simple, but the story is filled with layers and complexity. The report will revolve around Alina Reynolds, who is a renowned writer. And during her visit to New York City, she loses all of her memories mysteriously.

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Alina has no idea where she is and who she is? Things will get more complex as the writer questions the reality of her memories. And all of that while the crowd of New York is filled with noises.

She will meet a teenager named Simon during her aimless journey. And with him, her journey won’t be lonely anymore, at least. She will meet lots of people, and there will be lots of questions to answer.

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Italian Studies — Release Date

The movie is set to release on January 14, 2022, in the theaters. The movie already had its world premiere at the Tribeca Film Festival on June 12, 2021.

And the reception it got was quite sublime. The audience, mostly filled with critics were perplexed and impressed by the movie. And that is just making me more and more excited.

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Italian Studies — Cast

Italian Studies — Cast

Vanessa Kirby is in the movie. But other than that, we also have Maya Hawke as one of the lead characters, which is beautiful. If you already don’t know by now, I am a vast Maya Hawke fan, which is why this movie is a delight for me.

  • Vanessa Kirby as Alina Reynolds
  • Simon Brickner as Simon
  • Annika Wahlsten as Annika
  • Annabel Hoffman as Annabel
  • Maya Hawke as Eri
  • Fred Hechinger as Matt

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Italian Studies — What To Expect?

Whenever we hear about a movie related to dreams and memories, we automatically compare it to Inception. Let’s not do that here because it is so different from that. This movie might make us question the fragments of our memories themselves.

And when a movie makes us question ourselves, that is the best kind of movie. And I am hoping for Italian Studies to be as good as I am expecting.

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