Jayeshbhai Jordaar Review: A Sincere Effort Towards A Tested Topic

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Jayeshbhai Jordaar Review: Finally, we got a social comedy that does not involve Ayushmann Khurrana. Honestly, Ayushmann Khurrana ruled Bollywood in the social comedy genre from 2012 to 2019. And finally, we have a comedy movie based on a social issue that does not feature him.

But, this article is not about that. Jayeshbhai Jordaar was released today in theaters and there was absolutely no hype around the movie. That is a sad thing in itself, but let’s talk about the movie. Jayeshbhai Jordaar is an honest and sincere effort by the creators on a topic that we have seen many times.

But the hype around the movie was completely dead. Even in the promotions of the movie, we hardly saw Ranveer Singh talking about this movie. And with movies like these, the need for promotion is very high.

Fans have been accustomed to watching movies like these on OTT platforms. And many people also think that the topic this movie deals with is quite old and have been covered in Bollywood so many times now.

But keeping all those things said let’s take a look at all the ups and downs of the movie. So, you can decide whether to watch this movie or not. You may like: Escaype Live actor Siddharth explained his character in Disney+ Hotstar

Jayeshbhai Jordaar: Plot

The movie revolves around Jayeshbhai Patil who is the son of Ramlal Patil. Ramlal Patil is a very powerful sarpanch in his village and wants Jayeshbhai to take his place after him. The setting of the movie is as you expect it in a village.

While Jayeshbhai is a person that believes in equality no matter the gender of the person. His father is still stuck in old thoughts that women should be under constraints. Both Jayeshbhai’s father and mother want a grandson.

Jayeshbhai already has a daughter and they don’t want another one. But when it is revealed that Jayeshbhai and his wife Mudra are going to have another daughter, the chaos starts. With the fear that they have to drop the child, Jayeshbhai took his wife and his daughter and runs away from his home.

The plot of the movie is very simple and it does not pretend to be complex in any scene. The creators have taken a very social topic and tried to present it to us as simply as they can. For you: Jug Jug Jio Motion poster released, a glimpse of the film full of family drama

Jayeshbhai Jordaar Review: What Worked For The Movie?


When you have a movie like this you need moments that will stick with the audience. The topic you have chosen is old and the movie is as simple as it can get. So, it will be the moments that will get stuck with the audience.

And there are quite a few moments in this movie that are just beautiful. Beautiful enough that you might have teary eyes at certain moments. Divyang Thakkar should be given all the props that he deserves.

There are also some unique moments that are actually funny that will stick with you. The serious scenes by Ratna Pathak and Ranveer Singh were also something to admire. In terms of the screenplay and the entertainer, this movie really shines. Also read: Ashram 3 Trailer Released: Again ‘Japanaam’ will echo, the secret of ‘Kashipur Wale Baba’ is back!

Raw Portrayal

The fact that this movie does not feel generic in any way is just tremendous. While going into a movie like this you expect to hear one or two big emotional monologues. But Jayeshbhai Jordaar does not feature that in any way.

And just by doing that this movie does not feel generic and preachy. You will actually enjoy the movie and will feel everything through the experiences of the characters in the movie.

Commercial Adaptation

We have seen movies on female foeticide countless times. But most of the movies on the topic are other gory or tow dramatic. Jayeshbhai Jordaar was able to present such a movie in a commercial way without taking away the gravity of the topic. You may like: Case Filed against Kamal Haasan: A police complaint was filed against Kamal Haasan’s ‘Pathala Patthala’ song


Let’s give them the round of applause they deserve. Everyone here in this movie did the best that they could. And we all know how good actors all of these are. Boman Irani as a toxic and unsympathetic sarpanch is just brilliant and you will really hate him.

Ratna Pathak always does a role like this with brilliance and once again she has done a formidable job. Shalini Pandey’s debut shouts promising and we can see big things for her in the future. And Jia Vaidhya completely shole the show with her performance.

Ranveer Singh always does his best when it comes to a role. He always indulges himself completely in the role. And apart from one thing that we will talk about later, he has done a formidable job. His portrayal had the power to really make you emotional. Read now: Nikki Tamboli Exclusive: South’s director humiliated and insulted Nikki Tamboli

Jayeshbhai Jordaar Review: What Did Not Worked For The Movie?


Another thing that makes movies like these really worthwhile is the music album. Just look at all the social comedy movies done by Ayushmaan Khurrana and their music albums. You will clearly see how the music impacted the movie in a positive way.

Sadly, Jayeshbhai Jordaar does not have a single good song that will stick with you. And that is very sad. Even the emotional songs that should have made you emotional did not leave their mark as they should. Recommended: Shilpa Shetty said goodbye to social media, saying- now I will return with a new avatar


Indian commercial movies on social issues really have a problem when it comes to the climax of the movie. None of them have been able to grasp how to end such a flick without it being forced.

Sadly, Jaeyshbhai Jordaar falls in the same category as the climax of the movie was absolutely cringe and cheesy. When you will watch the movie you will realize how bad the climax is and there was absolutely no need for it. Also read: Sarkaru Vaari Paata Review: A Carry Job By Mahesh Babu

Accent/Dialogue Delivery

Ranveer Singh did an amazing job in this movie as well. As we have mentioned before his performance had the power to make you cry. But his dialogue delivery or rather the Gujarati accent was really questionable.

It felt completely forced and unnatural. It might be nitpicking but it was completely obvious and something that will poke you throughout.

Jayeshbhai Jordaar Review: Is It Worth It?

The movie is not a masterpiece or anything. But you can’t deny the fact that every person in the movie has put his heart and soul into it. It was a sincere effort toward a topic that really needed commercialization.

This movie would have been a better fit for an OTT platform undoubtedly. And the financial performance of the movie will depict that completely. But it is still a good watch and you should watch it while the movie is still in the hall. Keep reading: Viral Video: Alia Bhatt paragliding with her brother ‘Land Kara De…’

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