Jungle Cruise Review: The Rock and Emily Blunt Shines In An Absolute Blast Of A Movie

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Jungle Cruise Review: Just hit the theaters and it is absolutely amazing. I went into the expecting a fun good time and guess what I got. A fun good time. Dwayne Johnson and Emily Blunt chemistry really stood out and made the movie 100 times better than it actually was.

Dwayne tried so many puns over the movie and none of them hit and it was hilarious to watch it. All the terrible puns somehow made me laugh and I am really not sure why.

Many peoples have been saying that it is the next Pirates Of Caribbean franchise, which can be a stretch. Because the plot is not that good. It is just a fun watch that you can enjoy while watching it with your family. The inoffensive comedy scenes really make it a movie for all age groups.

Jungle Cruise Review, Plot, and Other Details

Jungle Cruise Plot

The movie’s official synopsis reads “Based on Disneyland’s theme park ride where a small riverboat takes a group of travelers through a jungle filled with dangerous animals and reptiles but with a supernatural element”.

It is an adventure movie. Frank Wolff and Dr. Lily Houghton will go on an adventure that will help them discover so many things that they never knew. They will have to survive this and make it ou alive.

Jungle Cruise: Positives

Lead Cast

I have said it again and again but the lead cast chemistry was the thing that really carried this movie forward. Whenever the movie was at a standstill or felt slow, both of them got us through that.

And their chemistry is the only reason that this movie is this funny. Both of their characters contradicted each other and that is exactly what made this movie work for real.

I could have seen both of these characters bickering with each other for ages and I would have still enjoyed it.

Jesse Plemons

Obviously, the side characters were also the reason that this movie is so good. His role as a German aristocrat is short. He doesn’t get much screen time, but he is pure entertainment.

Strong Start

The first half of the movie is really good. It had so many laugh-out-loud scenes and the main trio really clicked. The Indiana Jones esque Fast and Furious vibes were welcoming and I loved that about this movie.

The action is refreshing and you will really enjoy it. It has a similar type of The Rock action scenes that we have seen in so many previous movies. And those scenes are good every time.

Jungle Cruise: Negatives

Loose End

The first half of the movie was really good. And the final had wasn’t able to capitalize on that. It felt confusing and chaotic for so many parts. It was still fun, but it never hit the same and wasn’t as strong as how it started.

Jungle Cruise: Is It Worth It?

I won’t say is it worth it or not. I think 90% of people who go to see this film will know exactly what they’re getting themselves in for. It is just a fun movie that will really entertain you. If they want to make a sequel out of it, I won’t complain.

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