Kuruthi Trailer: Get Ready For a Dark Suspense Thriller!!

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Kuruthi Trailer: Amazon Prime is really on a roll with all these regional language movies. There have been so many new regional languages projects recently and almost all of them banged.

And it looks like Amazon Prime Video is ready to give us another regional language movie that will be really good. Yes, we are talking about Prithviraj’s starter movie ‘Kuruthi’.

The teaser of the movie was released months ago. Fans have been waiting for the trailer for a long time now. And finally, their wait was over. Amazon Prime Videos released the trailer of Kuruthi earlier today.

And let me tell you one thing, it was absolutely amazing. It looked so dark and grim and promised to be a complete thriller. This is exactly the kind of movie that I look forward to.

Kuruthi Trailer, Plot, Release Date, Cast, and Other Details

Movie Kuruthi
Release Date August 11, 2021
Lead Cast Prithviraj Sukumaran
Murali Gopy
Roshan Mathew
Genre Thriller
Streaming OnAmazon Prime Videos
Director Manu Warrier
Runtime2 hours 30 minutes(Approx)

Kuruthi Plot/Storyline

Amazon Prime describes the movie as “Kuruthi is about how enduring human relations that transcend boundaries struggle to survive trials of hatred and prejudice”.

The story revolves around a police officer, a killer, and some villagers. The police officer was responsible for a man-made landslide that almost killed 24 people. He is on a run with a prisoner and has seemed refuge in a village.

Why is he on a run? Because a killer is on his tail seeking vengeance. The killer won’t stop at anything and will do anything to make the police officer pay for his crimes.

He follows them into the house that they are seeking refuge. But, the house members have completely different plans as they are living with their own bitter past.

There is something more than what we can see. Something major is going to happen behind the scenes and it will be really grim.

Kuruthi Release Date

The movie was supposed to release on May 13, 2021, in theaters only. But because of the Coronavirus pandemic, the movie was delayed. And now it is scheduled to release on August 11, 2021, only on Amazon Prime Video.

Kuruthi Cast

Prithviraj SukumaranMahmud
Murali GopyC.I. Thomas Elias
Roshan MathewIbrahim
Shine Tom ChackoSadath
Manikandan R. AchariGopy
Navas VallikunnuAnsalan
Naslen K. GafoorRamees
Sagar SuryaBenny

Obviously, Prithviraj is the main star of the movie. He is looking good in this serious role and he might really steal the show with his intensity. I really think he can pull this role off.

But fans are actually more excited about the return of comedian Mamukkoya. It might be the first time we will see Mamukkoya in a serious role. And fans are really excited about it.

The movie is directed by Manu Warrier. It will be his directorial debut in a Malayalam movie. Before this, he has directed one Hindi movie “Coffee Bloom” and have written the TV series “Yudh”.

Warrier describes the movie as “a socio-political thriller that has got a bit of drama, action and thrilling elements. Though Prithvi plays the lead, all other characters have equal importance”.

Anish Pallyal is the writer of the movie and Prithviraj and his wife Supriya Menon are producing the movie.

Kuruthi: What To Expect?

I am expecting a very good thriller movie as I have already said earlier. There is one thing to notice in the trailer. The door of the house opened as soon as the trailer started and at the end of the trailer, the doors closed.

Half of the movie will be inside the house. Meaning everything will be played out behind closed doors and it seems so exciting and interesting and it is making me excited for the movie.

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  1. Was it necessary to bring this Hindu-Muslim angle in the movie? Was it necessary to show a Hindu as the bad person and the Muslims as victims trying to retaliate? Was it necessary to show a Hindu girl ogling at a Muslim man to marry her and being ready to convert to Islam? So much on the name of secularism, can the roles be inverted religion-wise? I have not seen anything like that anyway. I wish people start making movies on Hindu genocide events such as Moplah massacre and Mirpur and Rajouri massacre. Why so many movies extremely opposite to the reality?


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