Orphan: First Kill — Here is everything we know

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Orphan: First Kill: The sequel will be more devastating than the original! I first said that January would be the month of romantic movies. But I was wrong; it is turning out to be a month of horrors as another intense horror movie will hit our screens soon.

January is filled with horror movies of all kinds. Psychological horror, horror movies that depend on jump scares, and finally, the 2009 hit movie Orphan sequel. Potentially the most awaited horror movie of the year so far.

Orphan: First Kill will hit cinemas soon, and it looks like the movie to watch out for. As I said, it is a prequel to the 2009 film Orphan. And the best thing is that First Kill has been given Rated-R certificate.

I am a massive fan of Rated-R movies as they are most disturbing, uncomfortable, and intense. And that is everything that I want from my films once in a while.

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Orphan: First Kill — Here is everything we know

Orphan: First Kill — Plot

The movie will focus on Leena, who is a murderous sociopath. But because of a medical condition, she looks like a child. She is locked up in an Estonian psychiatric facility for her treatment. Everything is under control until she escapes.

She lands in America and starts her new life as Esther. She starts impersonating as the missing daughter of a wealthy Connecticut family, Katie Mauerova and Richard Mauerova. But her life as Esther hits a roadblock when Katie starts questioning her.

Richard blames Katie for paranoia and hallucinating. Leena starts to manipulate both of them, which causes problems in the family. But Katie discovering Leena’s past will disrupt all of her plans, and she will have to go on that dark path once again.

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Orphan: First Kill — Release Date

The movie is scheduled to release on January 28, 2022. The film will hit the theaters exclusively, and after that, it will be available on Paramount+ for streaming. We don’t know when it will be available for streaming yet.

It might follow the same pattern as the previous Paramount releases of getting 45 days streaming before landing on it entirely after some time. We will update you as soon as something is announced.

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Orphan: First Kill — Cast

Isabelle Fuhrman reprises her role from the original movie. Other cast members are:

  • Isabelle Fuhrman as Lena Klammer/Esther
  • Julia Stiles as Katie Mauerova
  • Rossif Sutherland as Richard Mauerova
  • Matthew Finlan as Gunnar
  • Morgan Giraudet as Mr. Klammer
  • Hiro Kanagawa as Donnan
  • Doris Wilkerson as Bella
  • Jade Michael as Madison
  • Kennedy Irwin as Young Esther

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Orphan: First Kill — What To Expect?

First of all, let’s not compare it with the original Orphan as it will result in high expectations only. And that is always a bad thing. The first part was a masterpiece, and the fans still discuss the twist at the end.

But First Kill also looks like a killer movie, no pun intended. I am expecting another brilliant performance by Isabelle Fuhrman as the critics have already praised her performance so much. You may like: Scream: Everything We Know About the Thriller Mystery — Who is the killer behind the mask??

Official Trailer

Other Details

NameOrphan: First Kill
Directed byWilliam Brent Bell
Screenplay byDavid Coggeshall
Story byDavid Leslie Johnson-McGoldrick
Alex Mace
Based onCharacters
by Alex Mace
Produced byAlex Mace
Hal Sadoff
Ethan Erwin
James Tomlinson
StarringIsabelle Fuhrman
Julia Stiles
CountryUnited States
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