Shershaah Movie Review: Siddhart Malhotra Shines But Movie Lacks Energy

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Shershaah Movie Review: Finally, Shershaah has been released and it looks like a pretty decent movie. But it is nowhere near what we expected it to be and falls short on so many points.

It is a decent movie, no doubt about it. But Siddhart Malhotra starter doesn’t justify the bravery of Captain Vikram Batra in any way. If you look at it in that way, it is quite disappointing.

Captain Vikram Batra is a legend in everyone’s story. He was a hero and deserved a movie that really justifies all of his accolades. Meanwhile, Shershaah feels like a movie that focuses more on his romantic life rather than his larger-than-life career.

I thought that Shershaah would be an epic movie with lots of strong dialogues and moments. But rather the makers went for a simplistic movie and I kind of liked that about this movie.

Now, without further ado, let’s get on with the review of the movie.

Shershaah Movie Review: What we liked and didn’t liked!

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CastSiddhart Malhotra
Kiara Advani
Runtime135 Minutes

Shershaah Movie Review: Plot/Storyline

Shershaah Movie Review: Shershaah is a biopic of late war hero Captain Vikram Batra. Captain Vikram Batra’s legend is famous in the whole world. He is a hero to so many Indians. He was awarded Param Vir Chakra, for his bravery and valor in Kargil War, 1999.

One of the major reasons that we won that war. There is a mountain peak named ‘Batra peak’ after his name to celebrate his bravery. He himself volunteered to lead the assault in the Kargil War.

And the thing is he didn’t need any outside motivation to do it. He wanted to become a ‘fauji’ since he was a child. He is the kind of person that will ignite flames in you just by a mere look.

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And the movie wasn’t able to capitalize on any of that. I know that no matter how you make a movie on his life, it will never be enough. But Shershaah focused on his galore only from the surface level.

And even the surface level felt so good and there were so many goosebumps moments in it. I am only furious about the unnecessary romantic plot of the movie.

I mean, it was not unnecessary, but it got more importance than other aspects of the movie and this biopic suffered because of that. We have seen so many biopics getting butchered because of unnecessary romantic sub-plot. And Shershaah is also one of them.

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Shershaah Movie Review: What we Liked in Movie?

Siddhart Malothra

Siddhart Malhotra gave his all in this performance. I wasn’t expecting that he will give a performance this good. He justified that the role was given to him. He must have silenced all of his critics with all his performance.

Siddhart gave a sincere performance with an adequate swagger that was needed of him. If the script would have been a little tight he would have been on a contender for the best performance of the year.


The action of the movie was smartly choreographed. It did what it had to do. It was nothing over the top and it wasn’t shabby at all. I really liked the action of the movie and it was good.

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Simplistic Approach

I really liked the approach of the movie. Rather than going all out on strong dialogues and strong music, Shershaah went for a simplistic approach and it was a sensible movie in that area.

Shershaah Review: What we didn’t liked?


The direction really let the movie down so badly. Vishnuvardhan’s direction was really shabby and uneven at so many times. It could have been so much better than it actually was. The movie really suffered because of it.

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Final Question, Should you watch Shershaah Movie?

Yes, It is obviously worth it. It might have been shabby at some points but it is still a very good movie. You would be surprised by how well the movie is made even if the direction is shabby.

In all sense, Shershaan is a pretty decent movie and you can watch it.

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