Thalaivi Movie Review: Not much difference between Kangana and Jayalalithaa?

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Thalaivi Movie Review: Kangana has always been in some controversy or another, but this time she is in buzz for her amazing work in Thalaivii (Thalaivi).

Thalaivi teaser was subject to jokes and memes on social media, and the trailer confirmed that it would stand on a higher level. But the movie itself is above all the expectations we had after the trailer release.

Thalaivi is a biographical drama based on the life of an Actress-cum-politician, J. Jayalalithaa. Kangana Ranaut is playing Jayalalithaa herself, and Arvind Swami is playing M. G. Ramachandran.

The Movie has set an example for all the star kids to be inspired by Kangana’s acting in Thalaivi. Here is what we liked in Thalaivii and what didn’t.

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Thalaivi Movie Review: What worked well?

Cast and Characters

The first thing that worked very well in the movie was the acting of almost every character in the movie. Being a lead role in the movie, Kangana did great work, and her vibe kept the movie on the marks from beginning to the end.

There are so many Biopics out there in Bollywood, but this one is on another level. You must have watched Scam 1992. Pratik Gandhi did everything to represent Harshad Mehta. In Thalaivi, Kangana was all in representing Jayalalithaa as an actress as well as a Politician.

There wasn’t a single drop in energy in the movie, and it kept the joy on a higher level from begging to end.

Apart from Kangana Ranaut as J. Jayalalithaa, Arvind Swami was also excellent as M. G. Ramachandran. These characters are straightforward to guess whether they did well or suck. Every character was up to the marks, and all did so well.

After watching this movie, whenever you hear anything about the former C.M of Tamil Nadu, Jayalalithaa, you will have the Kangana in front of your eyes. The character is filled with real-life emotions and events.

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Dialogues were one of the aspects in the movie which kept us engaged while watching Thalaivi. The delivery and timing were perfect. There are songs and music to make it cinematic, but the real-life of Jayalalithaa was almost similar in reel and real life.

Kangana herself is a very controversial person and carries a political persona. That was her unfair advantage while delivering a dialogue because she can feel every dialogue herself, and you won’t see much difference between Kangana in real life and Jayalalithaa in reel.


From the bright color to the white color of the dress and from young to getting older, creators have represented the character as it is. It seems like Kangana has lived the complete life of J. Jayalalithaa. Creators have curated every possible detail in just 2hr film, and it was perfect.

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Emotions in characters

The one thing that decides whether a biopic will make its place in the category of hit or flop is emotion, and in Thalaivii, every character matched the emotion to the real-life person. Emotion can itself make a huge difference while watching any biopic, and Thalaivi was 5 out of 5 stars on this parameter.

Thalaivi Movie Review: What goes wrong?

Most of us know Jayalalithaa as Amma, but there is a very shallow representation of the character as Amma. Creators should have done more work on that character of Jayalalithaa. Because of the incomplete representation of Amma, the movie feels incomplete in itself.

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To the point

Let me be very straightforward here on you should watch this movie or not. Well, the answer is, Watch it 5 times or more because it won’t feel like you have watched it several times. This movie fulfills our expectations from Bollywood. This is what we want from Bollywood and not like Radhe or many others.

PS: please leave your own opinion after watching Thalaivi so that others can decide whether it is worth it for them or not.

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3 thoughts on “Thalaivi Movie Review: Not much difference between Kangana and Jayalalithaa?”

  1. Such a waste of time. Overly dramatized version of a real life hero. I don’t know how Kangana agreed to such a badly scripted movie. It was devastating to see Arvind Swamy as MGM, it was never to be his role. The only silverlining was Nassar, though his role was very limited. In general for people of Tamilnadu this is a TVserial where the real Amma has been totally forgotten.

    • Looks like the Critic was paid to pen down this review , The movie has one of the most foul acting for Tamil cinema which produces great acting and direction.


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