Everything You Need To Know About The Requin

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The Requin: Shark Thrillers Are Back!! Remember those times when shark thrillers were a thing? Movies like Jaws, The Meg, 47 Metres Down were ruling the bo-office. And The Requin is going to bring that trend back and I am excited about it.

Shark Thrillers are my personal favorite kind of movie. They are fast-paced, full of thrill. And there is an uncomfortable when you watch these kinds of movies. I have watched Jaws for god knows how many times.

So, when I saw the trailer of The Requin, I was really excited. I will not lie or exaggerate when I say that I have watched the trailer 10-15 times now. And I am going to watch it more before the release of the movie

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The Requin — Plot, Release Date, Cast and Other Details

The Requin Plot

The official synopsis of the movie reads “A couple on a romantic getaway find themselves stranded at sea when a tropical storm sweeps away their villa. In order to survive, they are forced to fight the elements, while sharks circle below.”

I don’t think I need to explain the plot that much because it is really simple. Jaelyn and Kyle are on a romantic getaway at a remote island. The couple is happy and is looking forward to a very fun few days.

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But their romantic adventure will turn into a nightmare when their villa gets destroyed in a thunderstorm. The villa has been turned into a raft and the couple has been drifted in the middle of the sea.

The nightmare takes a turn for the worst when a school of deadly Great White sharks starts targeting the couple. With her husband injured, Jaelyn has to fight these deadly predators alone for the sake of their survival.

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The Requin Release Date

The movie is all set to release on January 28, 2022. The sad thing is due to the pandemic, The Requin has a very limited release. There are six other movies coming out on the same day, so The Requin might face serious competition.

The movie is scheduled to release in the halls only and that is the best. Movies like Te Requin are enjoyed best in halls only. We don’t know anything regarding when the movie will land on a streaming platform. We will update you as soon as we get any kind of information.

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The Requin Cast

The movie has a very limited cast as most of the movie will focus on Jaelyn and Kyle only.

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The Requin: What To Expect?

As I have said, this movie is filled with tension. It will be an uncomfortable watch just like all the shark movies. But the kind of uncomfortableness that you really want. Obviously, I am going to watch it as soon as I can.

This movie will have a gore scene so if you guys are uncomfortable with that you might skip this movie.

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