Zombie Reddy Review: Something Fresh That Actually Works

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Zombie Reddy Review: If you are a zombie fan you will like this movie. If you are a horror fan you will like this movie. And if you are a comedy fan, you will absolutely love this movie. Because I absolutely loved the movie.

It was such a unique and fresh movie that you will be attracted to it in an instant. I haven’t seen a movie as fresh and as this in a very long time. And most of the time when Indian filmmakers experiment they usually fail.

But Zombie Reddy worked on every single front that you can ask for.  I haven’t laughed this hard in a movie since Ready or Not, and I wholeheartedly recommend this movie.

It plays on the Indian movie tropes of factionalism but you don’t need to know the context to enjoy it, but your knowledge of Telugu movies will only enhance your appreciation for this movie.

But if you don’t need to know the context to enjoy it. Because it is just that good and I am not even lying. So, let’s get on with the review without wasting much time. And see if Zombie Reddy is worth it or not!

Zombie Reddy Movie Review, Plot/Storyline, cast and other details

Zombie Reddy Plot/Storyline

Zombie Reddy Review – Plot/Storyline: The official synopsis of the movie reads “Mario, a game developer, and his friends must tackle and escape from a rising zombie apocalypse in the region of Rayalaseema”.

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As you can see the plot is as simple as it can be. There is a zombie apocalypse and our heroes have to survive in this world. And that is the whole movie. The best thing about the plot of Zombie Reddy is that the makers don’t try and make this movie unnecessarily complicated.

It was a simple movie from start and they kept it like that only till the very end. There was nothing out of the place anywhere in the movie and everything felt in the place.

The movie revolves around Mario, who is a game developer. But his new game is on the verge of crashing and he is having a hard time. Along with his two friends, he goes to Rudravaram in Kurnool to get the help he needs.

He attends his friend’s wedding there. And just as they were ready to work on the game they find themselves fighting for their own life against real zombies. Don’t ask where they came from, just run and hide.

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Zombie Reddy Review: What Worked For The Movie?


As I said earlier, I haven’t laughed this hard in a movie for a very long time. The comedy of Zombie Reddy was pure gold. So many scenes that will make you lose your cool.

I was laughing hysterically throughout the movie. Zombie Reddy is a parody of the Rayalseema Telugu movies, but it doesn’t take it to the extreme like the mustache banana man.

It is similar in tone to The Hitman’s Bodyguard or The Babysitter where it plays it straight but is still homage and funny. And that is the only reason that it works so well.

They didn’t go out of their way and tried to insert cringe skits. They just played it simple and the movie actually turned out to be funny. You will actually laugh and it will never feel like someone is forcing you.

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Right from the first scene the direction of Zombie Reddy is pure flames. Every scene in the movie led somewhere and was filmed beautifully. I can actually watch this movie again just for the camerawork.

Because it is pure class. I never expected Zombie Reddy to look this pretty. But now I have seen it, I want every other Zombie movie to keep this as the benchmark.

The opening shot of the movie sets up the movie perfectly. It perfectly tells you what you will get in this movie and what you can expect from it. It completely gives justice to the movie and its vibe.

The first scene tells you that the movie will be mythical and there will be some kind of divine power involved in it. And that is the case with every single major scene in the movie and I loved it.

Even the slow-motion scenes, which are a lot, are filmed perfectly. There might be some overkill with slow-motion shots, but when the shots are this good, I don’t care much.

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Final Act

The real strength of the movie is its final act. It was so amazing and so brilliantly paced that I didn’t even realize it when it was finished. I was simmered down in the movie.

Right from the start of Zombie attacks to the end of the movie, everything happened so fast that it was brilliant. I am not going to lie, the last movie whose final act was this powerful was Tapsee Pannu’s Game Over.

Zombie Reddy: What Didn’t Worked For The Movie?


Yeah, I just said that the third act was paced brilliantly, but everything leading up to it was kind of slow. And, yes I know that all of that was just a build-up for the amazing payoff we got.

But, as I compared the final act of the movie with Game Over, I will say that the second of the movie was also similar to Game Over. It was slow and kind of boring.

Once again, I know that it was build up but people might lose interest in the movie because of that. But I think the usual comedy and other things in the movie kept it going for a while.

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Zombie Reddy: Is It Worth It?

Yes, it is absolutely worth it. I have never seen a Bollywood movie getting all the given dynamics in a movie this right. And when all the dynamics are so different from each other.

The action was good, the horror was good and the comedy was amazing. It is a dumb movie and there is no doubt about it. But it is the kind of dumb that you will actually enjoy watching.

You will be entertained throughout the movie. And if you are watching the movie, you already know what you are going in for. This movie is “FUN”, and sometimes that is the only thing we need.

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