Amazon Prime Subscription Price to be increased in India

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Amazon Prime Subscription Price to be increased in India: Amazon has confirmed to increase its Prime Subscription Price in India up to 50%. All the Prime subscription costs, including Monthly, Quarterly, and Yearly plans will be affected by the price hike in India.

The date of the new plan is not confirmed yet by the Company but it will be effective very soon. However, existing Prime Subscribers will be able to continue their selected plans at the previous pricing for now. They will have to pay the new prices at the time of renewal of the service, once they come into effect.

The subscribers who have enabled auto-renewal for their account will have to set up the Auto-pay again. This means they can choose whether they want to continue using Amazon Prime at new pricing or not.

Amazon Prime New Subscription Price and Plans

Old PricingNew Pricing
Monthly PlanRs 129Rs 179
Quarterly PlanRs 329Rs 459
Yearly PlanRs 999Rs 1,499
Amazon Prime New Price and Plans

What will be affected by this change?

As you might know, Amazon Prime subscription is a bundle of services offered by Amazon. Prime Subscription offers various services like Prime Video, Prime Music, Prime Music, and Free and Fast delivery of the Product you purchase from Amazon. Change in Price will not affect any of the services. If you subscribe to Amazon Prime at the new price, you will get all the benefits you had on the old price.

Why did they change the Price?

Well, the company hasn’t disclosed any reason behind the price hike yet but we are hoping for the disclosure of the reason very soon. If the company discloses any reason behind the change, we will update the article with the details.

FAQs about the New Price plan of Amazon Prime

When will be the new price come into effect?

Currently, we don’t have any info about the date of the new plan but you can expect it to be in the effect very soon.

How will it affect the existing user?

Existing users will be able to get all the benefits of the Prime subscription at the old price until they renew their account. They will need to pay for the new plan while renewing the subscription.

Will it affect the services offered by Prime?

No, you will be able to enjoy all the benefits you have currently with the Prime Subscription.

Can I Subscribe to Prime at the older price?

You can subscribe to Amazon prime before the new pricing will be in effect and you will enjoy the service at the old pricing.

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