Zareen Khan B’day: Salman and Katrina’s breakup resulted in Zareen Khan’s ‘Jackpot’…

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Zareen Khan’s B’day: At that time, Salman reportedly had a breakup with Katrina Kaif. Where has Zareen benefited? At that time the same thing was discussed everywhere.

Zareen Khan has been one of the biggest fans of Salman Khan. But her one meeting with Salman Khan changed Zareen Khan’s life. Today i.e. 14th May is the birthday of Zareen Khan, with this, the actress has turned 35 years old.

We are going to tell you a very exciting anecdote related to the life of the actress, which was mentioned by the actress Zareen herself. This anecdote of the life of the actress is no less than a film story.

Zareen had told me that she had become an actress in Turkey. Although everyone wants to become a heroine, Zareen suddenly got this opportunity.

When Salman Khan’s eyes were on Zareen…

Opportunities come to people, but Zareen herself went near the spot and luck favored her, and Salman Khan’s eyes fell on her.

As if in an instant, Zareen’s life had changed. Zareen started her career in 2010 with the film Veer opposite Salman Khan.

When Zareen Khan’s first look from this film came out, there were a lot of discussions that the actress looks like Katrina Kaif to a large extent.

In such a situation, there were also reports that after the breakup with Katrina, Salman had found another actress like him.

Zareen got a big break because of Salman and Katrina’s breakup?

Salman reportedly had a breakup with Katrina at that time. Where has Zareen benefited? Actually, while narrating this anecdote, Zareen had told that the actress had gone to get a glimpse of Salman Khan on the set of a film.

At that time, Zareen had reached there as a fan of Salman. When Lucky Salman’s eyes fell on Zareen, Salman called her to him.

Zareen was very happy at that time that Salman called her to him. At that time Salman asked Zareen whether you have brought her pictures with her

Zareen did not understand anything until she was properly explained, she started showing pictures of her mobile with enthusiasm. Also read: Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai: This show created a new record in the world of television

Salman had boosted Zareen’s enthusiasm

Salman laughed and asked, has the portfolio been made? To this, Zareen gave a negative answer. Later the name and address of the actress were asked.

When Zareen reached home, she got a call the same evening in which she was called for an audition.

Zareen Khan at first considered it a joke, then later she realized that she has got a big opportunity in life.

However, Zareen had at the time expressed doubts about whether she knew whether she could speak Hindi properly or not.

After giving the audition, Salman Khan boosted her morale and with this film, Zareen made her debut in the industry.

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