Ranveer Singh reveals all the big things about his upcoming film in an interview

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Ranveer on Jayeshbhai Jordaar: Bollywood superstar Ranveer Singh is seen making headlines these days for his film ‘Jayeshbhai Jordaar‘. Ranveer’s character in the film is very interesting.

With this, the actor is all set to rock the character Gujju for the second time. As everyone knows, Ranveer Singh is always very excited about his different characters.

Meanwhile, actor Ranveer Singh had a special conversation with TV9 about his film Jayeshbhai Jordaar. The curiosity of actor Ranveer Singh was being made in the interview.

When the actor was asked questions about his hard work in the film, he told that he had to work very hard for this film. He has worked hard to successfully play the Gujju character in the film.

Ranveer Singh also mentioned the name of their favorite Gujarati dis

Apart from this, on asked the actor about his favorite Gujarati dish, he quickly said that his favorite Gujarati dish is Dhokla, Fafda, and Thepla. Also Read – Controversy: On the scene of ‘Jayeshbhai Jordaar’, the High Court said – cannot show this scene without a disclaimer

Along with this, the actor also shared the secret behind the choice of his favorite dish with his fans. He said that the food of Gujaratis is different. Such food is not found anywhere.

Message the film Jayeshbhai Jordaar give to the audience

Ranveer on Jayeshbhai Jordaar: On the happiness of the release of the film, the actor said that he is very much looking forward to the release of the film. His film Jayesh Bhai Jordaar will be released in theaters on May 13.

Further, while talking about the concept of the film, the actor said that the film is based on the message of Save Beti. The only message we want to convey to the audience through the film is ‘Beti Bachao‘.

Ranveer reveals his secrets in an interview with TV9

Ranveer on Jayeshbhai Jordaar: Revealing all his secrets on TV9, actor Ranveer Singh said that when he got the offer of this film, then he had given a quick yes to it.

He told that he found the story of the film very funny. Hearing this, the actors burst into laughter. Also Read – Jayeshbhai Jordaar Title Song Out: Jayeshbhai’s style came to the fore

Have played Gujarati and Marathi characters before

Before this, actor Ranveer Singh played two Gujarati as well as Marathi characters in two films in his films. His acting skills were highly appreciated by the audience. Also Read – Jayeshbhai Jordaar: Ranveer Singh’s film caught in controversy before release, demand raised to remove this scene

Love to change looks – Ranveer Singh

In his interview, on the question asked about his fashion sense to the actor, he said that “I love to change looks“.

Next to this, is called the treasure of acting, Ranveer says that “an actor should not only have looks but also have acting skills and personality“.

Ranveer wants to look like a film character

Ranveer on Jayeshbhai Jordaar: During the conversation, the actor said that he can do anything to make him see the character of any story. For this, whether he has to grow his hair or shave his head, he is ready for everything. That is their priority.

Ranveer was nervous about this film

On the question of being nervous about the release of the film, Ranveer said that “it is obvious that if you work hard then you have nervousness for the result“. Also Read – Jayeshbhai Jordaar: Ranveer Singh will again be seen in the role of a bubbly Gujarati, told- What is the choice in Gujarat?

The audience is my father, if they like it, they will like it or else not. But, in this case, now that he has grown up, he is more than happy to get a chance to show his art more than the result.

The reaction of Deepika Padukone after watching the trailer of Jayeshbhai

Ranveer on Jayeshbhai Jordaar: On this, Ranveer said that “Deepika gave a very positive response after seeing the trailer“. However, she is very straightforward with me. Also Read – Ranveer Singh’s claim about ‘Jayeshbhai Jordaar’, said, ‘If you do not cry after watching the film, then the money will be returned…’

But she was very happy to see the trailer. Also, for his wife Deepika, he told that her standards are very high. She likes one of my 10 things so I am glad that she liked the trailer of the film.

He told that after seeing the trailer, Deepika said that till date in Hindi cinema, the same actor has never played so many different characters. The actress said that you are very versatile.

Delhi High Court gives green signal to Jayeshbhai Jordaar

On Tuesday itself, the Delhi High Court approved the release of Ranveer Singh’s film ‘Jayeshbhai Jordaar‘ in theaters. Also Read – Ranveer Singh Unveils Jayeshbhai Jordaar as ‘Not a Typical Larger Than Life Hero’, Reveals Release Date

Along with this, the producers and directors have been ordered to add new disclaimers. With this, now this film will knock in theaters on May 13.

Fan’s excitement for the film Jayeshbhai Jordaar

Ranveer on Jayeshbhai Jordaar: Now the fans are eagerly waiting for the actor’s film Jayeshbhai Jordaar to be released on May 13. Also, there is a lot of excitement among people to see this character-based in UP and Bihar.

Now it will be interesting to see that like every time Ranveer Singh is able to leave a different impression on the fans and audience with his unique style. Also Read – Home Shanti Review: A Show That Could Have Been Much More

Keep Reading – Janhit Me Jaari dubbed: Now the audience of the South will also be able to enjoy this film.

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