Athiya Shetty and Rahul’s Wedding: Suniel Shetty’s statement on his daughter’s wedding

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Athiya Shetty and Rahul’s Wedding: For a long time, the news is coming about the marriage of actress Athiya Shetty and the Indian cricket team’s batsman KL Rahul.

However, neither Athiya Shetty has broken silence on these reports, nor KL Rahul has ever given any statement on this.

There are reports that KL Rahul and Athiya Shetty may get married in December, but no official announcement has been made from both of them.

Meanwhile, Athiya Shetty’s father and actor Suniel Shetty have reacted to the news of their marriage. Suniel Shetty says that “his daughter will marry some time or the other and he is very fond of KL Rahul“.

What did Suniel Shetty say about Athiya Shetty and KL Rahul’s marriage?

Athiya Shetty and Rahul’s Wedding: According to the report in E-Times, while talking about the marriage of daughter Athiya, Sunil Shetty said that she is my daughter.

She will get married sometime. I would like my son to get married too, the sooner the better. This is their choice. Whereas, as far as KL Rahul is concerned, I like that guy. Also Read – KL Rahul and Athiya: Both are going to live together in a new house

And it is up to those people what they want because times have changed. Both daughter and son are responsible. I would like them to take their own decisions. My prayers will always be with him.

Suniel Shetty also revealed the secret of his energy

Along with the daughter’s marriage, Sunil Shetty also gave his opinion on the debate about tobacco advertising going on these days.

Sunil Shetty was also trolled by many Twitter users instead of Ajay Devgan due to tobacco advertisement. Also Read – Sonakshi Sinha got engaged? Was seen wearing a big ring on Instagram

Talking about this, Sunil Shetty said that as far as tobacco is concerned, people ask me if you are 61 years old and you are not getting old. “I am not getting old, that is why neither tobacco nor paan, everything that I think is wrong, I do not consume that“.

What did Sunil Shetty say about tobacco advertisements?

Continuing his point ahead of this, Sunil Shetty said that people drink and they can live more than me, so I consider everyone as my own. Also Read – We Just found Alia Bhatt Doppelgänger and Everyone is staring at this video

Alcohol is sold, so it is advertised. Tobacco is sold and so is its advertisement. Those who do not want to use it can avoid it. I abstain from everything.

A lot happens in the Bollywood industry. I keep a distance from it. It doesn’t mean that I am a saint. I am neither a god nor a saint. I have many flaws too. Also Read – Shilpa Shetty said goodbye to social media, saying- now I will return with a new avatar

The actor further said that my name was being dragged by a Twitter user in view of the situation. I didn’t lose my temper but just asked him to change his glasses so that he can see that I am not the one who is endorsing tobacco. I neither eat too many sweets nor eat too much food.

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