Attack On Dave Chappelle: Hollywood comedian Dave Chappelle was attacked by a man during the show.

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Attack On Dave Chappelle: American Stand Up Comedian Dave Chappelle is in danger these days. During one of his shows on Tuesday night, Dave was fatally attacked on stage by a man.

This attack was done during a demonstration in the Hollywood Bowl area of ​​Los Angeles. The video of the attack on the comedian is becoming increasingly viral on social media.

However, the Los Angeles police team has also started its action on this matter. The police team says that the person who attacked was 23 years old.

He had already targeted the chapel with a weapon. But during the search, he had brought the weapon in the form of a handgun, which had a knife blade.

Let us tell you that the suspect has been identified by the police as Isaiah Lee of Los Angeles. He was arrested by the police only after the attack.

After which the accused miscreant was accused of making a deadly attack on the comedian. However, the condition of Chappell is said to be fine at the moment.

They did not suffer any loss of life and property during the attack. After the incident, the police took the accused Lee to the hospital and got him treated.

After that, he was taken to the police station and arrested. Let us inform you that the accused has been arrested on bail of 30 thousand dollars. Also Read – Superstar Singer 2: This Top 15 Constant cemented his place ahead

After the attack, police took a statement from Chappell’s representative, Carla Sims. Sims said that “this incident should be thoroughly investigated. Also, Chappell is providing full support to the active police investigation of the incident.”

Sims further said, “His comedy performance by Chappelle at the Hollywood Bowl was excellent and record-breaking“. Also Read – FIR registered: FIR registered against Ekta Kapoor in Hyderabad, know what is the whole matter?

Several videos were shared on social media, in which the attacker can be clearly seen running on stage and hitting the chapel. During this, many people present there ran to help Dave, but by then the comedian fell to the floor.

There was no damage to the chapel in the attack.

As of now, Chappell has not suffered any kind of damage in the attack. He returned to the sets to end his show after the incident. Also Read – Gulshan Kumar Birth Anniversary: How he established a music company from a juice shop and why he was murdered

He joked to the audience that the attacker was a trans man, mentioning how recent comments about the comedian’s gender identity have sparked outrage in the transgender community.

Violence Is the Chapel of Netflix Is a Joke’s Comedy Festival

Attack On Dave Chappelle: Let us tell you that during this time Chappell was giving a stage performance as part of the “Netflix is ​​a joke” comedy festival. The show was sponsored by the streaming giant.

This comedy festival was taking place at the Hollywood Ball Venue in the city. The video after this incident is now being shared continuously on social media. Also, after the attack, Chris Rock asked, “Was it, Will Smith?”

it knocked the chapel to the ground

Attack On Dave Chappelle: In the footage of this accident, you can clearly see that an unknown man comes on stage and confronts the comedian, and knocks Dave Chappelle to the ground.

The comedian was recently facing criticism and protests for his transphobic joke. After this, the attacker was taken into their custody by the security officers. Also Read – Koffee with Karan season 7 is not returning on TV, but it will stream on OTT

So far no statement has been issued by the Los Angeles Police Department. After this incident, Chappell was seen joking on social media that “he was a trans person.”

Making fun of the transgender community after receiving the Mark Twain Award

In the year 2019, Chappell was awarded the Mark Twain Award for American Humor. But, now she is being criticized for making fun of the transgender community. Also Read –

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