Mahesh Babu Statement: Mukesh Bhatt gave his reaction to the statement that “Bollywood cannot afford me”

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Mahesh Babu Statement: For a long time, there is a rift between the actors of South films and Bollywood. Controversy erupted over first calling Hindi the national language and now Mahesh Babu’s statement ‘Bollywood cannot afford me‘ has created a ruckus.

Some Bollywood stars objected to this comment of Mahesh Babu, while now Bollywood’s veteran filmmaker Mukesh Bhatt has also given his reaction to it.

Mukesh Bhatt has said about Mahesh Babu that “if he thinks that Bollywood cannot afford him, then there is nothing wrong in it“.

Famous filmmaker Mukesh Bhatt’s statement regarding Mahesh Babu’s statement

During a conversation with India Today, Mukesh Bhatt said that “if Bollywood cannot afford its price, then it is very good. I wish them all the best. Also Read – Sarkaru Vaari Paata BO Prediction: Broke a record of KGF 2 as soon as it is released.

I respect the place where they come from. He has talent and he has an ‘X’ factor to the talent which he has acquired after many years of hard work.

He is a very successful actor and keeping in mind what he wants to achieve in terms of satisfaction with our films, there is nothing wrong if Bollywood doesn’t live up to his expectations. My best wishes are with them”.

The filmmaker further said that “why should anyone be upset with someone’s price tag? If I want to work for someone for free, that’s my choice.

If I am charging Rs 100 crore for something, that is also my choice. Having said that, there is no fixed price in our industry. I have worked with an actor who did the work for half the price originally quoted and vice versa. Also Read – Sarkaru Vaari Paata Twitter Review: #SarkaruVaariPaata is trending on twitter

Here, directors, actors, and heroes, and their fees change from person to person based on our associations. This industry is a dispensary of human emotions, not a mortal industry”.

Mukesh Bhatt further said “In his statement that different things determine the price of an actor, director or film. It depends on the actor’s relationship with the producers or their willingness to work with a particular filmmaker.

Sometimes, it happens that if an actor has a desire to work with a very successful director, and when this happens, the actor stops working for free or some people go their way to work. depart from. I respect that sentiment and we work on those sentiments. Also Read – South’s famous actor is forced to leave acting and pick up garbage, saying- ‘Stomach fire does not extinguish with a selfie’

There is a ruckus about which statement of Mahesh Babu

At the trailer launch of Adivi Shesh starrer film “Major“, Mahesh Babu had said about his Bollywood debut that Bollywood will not be able to afford him, so he does not want to waste his time there.

And he is enjoying the success he is getting in the Telugu industry. When there was a ruckus on this statement of Mahesh Babu, he also gave his explanation about it. Also Read – Aashram 3: Baba Nirala of ‘Ashram’ is coming back, will Pummy destroy Nirala’s empire?

A note was issued by Mahesh Babu’s team, which include that “the actor had no intention of insulting any language. He loves cinema and respects every language“.

He said that “he is comfortable doing the films he is working in till now. He is happy to see his dream come true, as Telugu cinema is growing rapidly“. Also Read – Mahesh Babu Explanation: Mahesh Babu Had To Explain For Saying ‘Bollywood Can’t afford Me’

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