Nikki Tamboli Exclusive: South’s director humiliated and insulted Nikki Tamboli

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Nikki Tamboli Exclusive: Nikki Tamboli, who entered the Hindi TV industry from the South film industry, gained a lot of popularity from the Big Boss show.

The actress had become popular from house to house only after Big Boss 14. Now the fan following list of Nikki Tamboli is increasing day by day.

Recently, while sharing an incident, Nikki has expressed her pain. Talking about the struggle of her early days, the actress said that “I also have been tortured by the filmmakers“.

Sharing her worst work experience, the actress told that a director from the South had tortured her a lot. Also Read – Salma Khan promoted Kangana Ranaut’s film Dhaakad on his social media account

Directors used to humiliate actress Nikki Tamboli on the sets

Nikki Tamboli Exclusive: According to Pinkvilla, the actress had told that “I was not only tortured but also humiliated“. She was humiliated in front of the entire set. Also Read – Shivya Pathania Bal Shiv: What new will you get to see in the story of Bal Shiv, here is everything

She further told that she had become very hurt at that time. Actress Tamboli told- ‘I had a film of South, whose director was very rude. His treatment onset was not good at all. Those who were my co-dancers were appreciating them more than me“. He (Director) was saying in front of all crewmember, ‘Where have you (Tamboli) come from?’

What time did Nikki get bullied?

Nikki Tamboli Exclusive: Nikki further said- ‘I do not know why that director was doing this to me. Maybe I could not speak the Tamil language properly at that time‘. Also Read – Vikram Pathala Patthala controversy: There is an uproar over the song of Kamal Haasan’s film

I would like to say that he was the worst. I would not like to take his name but working with that director was the worst experience of my life.

The actress told- ‘I came home and cried a lot. But still, I didn’t give up because I knew that he would regret it later. Even today he has messaged me. Time changes for everyone. Also Read – Athiya Shetty and Rahul’s Wedding: Suniel Shetty’s statement on his daughter’s wedding

How was Nikki Tamboli’s Bigg Boss 14 journey

Nikki Tamboli Exclusive: Let me tell you, Nikki Tamboli was known for her loud voice even in the Big Boss show. The actress was always seen standing up for her rights.

Some time ago, Nikki Tamboli had also come out in support of Bigg Boss co-contestant Prateek Sahajpal. Also Read – Mahesh Babu Statement: Mukesh Bhatt gave his reaction to the statement that “Bollywood cannot afford me”

Prateek Sahajpal, who was in the news for the music video ‘Tu Laut Aa‘, was quite a lot about the fight with the co-star in the past. were in the limelight.

In this music video, the actor had an argument with actress Kashika Kapoor. An attempt was made by Kashika to clarify the controversy related to the song, after which Prateek called it a publicity stunt. In this episode, Nikki also came forward in support of the actor.

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