Aranayak Web Series Review, Release Date, Story, and Cast details

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Aranayak Web Series Review: It looks like Netflix finally got a mythical thriller right!! After so many tries, it seems like Netflix finally got the recipe to make a perfect mythical thriller. Netflix has tried making mythical series or movies so many times. But it never worked this well.

Aranayak is a web series that will keep you on the edge of your seat throughout. You won’t be bored for even a single second, and most important of all, you will constantly be thinking throughout the show.

From the first episode to the absolute last, you will be looking for answers. Aranayak will make you anxious, it will test your patience, and in the end, it will reward you for that.

Aranayak Web Series Review, Release Date, Story, and Cast details

Web series nameAranayak
Directed by:Vinay Waikul
Lead ActorsRaveena Tandon,
Ashutosh Rana,
Zakir Hussain
No. of Episodes8 Episodes
Release Date10 December 2021
Streaming onNetflix

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Aranayak Web Series Review Story

The story starts when a French tourist is raped and murdered with claw marks on her throat. The remote town of Sironah is filled with anxiety and tension, and the rumors start to spread like wildfire.

The story of a mythical creature starts to brew, and everyone is scared. But the newly appointed Chief Angad is a town-bred police officer and dismisses all of these rumors.

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He starts to question the people of the town rather than believing in a mythical tale. And on the other hand, former Cheif Kasturi loves the people of the town and starts to defend them.

Is the story that simple or there is some other mysterious thing behind all of this? You have to watch the show as anything that we will say now will be a spoiler. But you will be hooked on the show once you complete the first episode.

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AranayakWeb Series Review: Positives

Aranayak Web Series Review: What works for Aranayak is not the presence of a mythical creature but rather the human aspect of the show. The chemistry between Raveena Tondon and Parambrata Chattopadhyay is brilliant.

You can see the tension between them and the contrast between both of the characters is just brilliant. Raveena Tondon believes and sympathizes with the villages whereas Parambrata is a fact-believing cop that thinks of this story as make-believe.

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I think the location they decided to shoot was just mesmerizing. On one hand, you will be in awe of the beauty of Sironah town. And on the other hand, you will be scared of it. The tension in the town is just otherworldly.

And that will make you uncomfortable but in a very good way. I have not seen a world-building this good in any of the Indian web series by Netflix in a very long while.

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AranayakWeb Series Review: Performance

The cast of the series is brilliant and everyone knew what they had to do. Raveena Tondon once again shows why she is such a respected artist and Parambrata Chattopadhyay is just amazing.

Ashutosh Rana and Zakir Hussain are just brilliant actors who are capable of acing any role you give to them. And they once again do that here as well. Anna Ador was a surprise for me. Because she was also brilliant here.

Other side cast members also did an amazing job and you will be impressed by them as well.

Aranayak: Is It Worth It?

Yes! You can watch this show without any second thought. It is a very good show that will keep you hooked and interested. And at the end will leave you excited for the second season. We are pretty positive the second season will come sooner than later.

So, if you are free and want to watch something, Aranayak is the perfect web series for you.

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Aranayak Web Series Cast & Crew

Raveena TandonKasturi Dogra
Ashutosh RanaMahadev Dogra
Zakir HussainKuber Manhas
Meghna MalikJagdamba Dhumal
Varin RoopaniRabbit

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Secondary Characters of Aranyak Web Series

  • Danish Iqbal as Govind Agarwal
  • Mahesh Shetty as Omi Chawla
  • Anant Jog as Doctor Joshi
  • Taneesha Joshi as Nutan Dogra
  • Wishvesh Sharkholi as Bunty Rawat
  • Breshna Khan as Julie Baptiste
  • Anastasiya Hamolka as Aimee Baptiste
  • Lalit Parimoo as Ashok Srivastav
  • Vivek Madan as Hari Dogra

Aranayak Web Series Release Date

Aranyak is available for streaming on the OTT platform Netflix from 10 December 2021. Its first teaser was released on 26 September 2021. This season consists of total of 8 episodes.

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Aranayak Web Series Trailer

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