Best Indian Web Series list 2021

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Best Indian Web Series list 2021: In the last few years Netflix, Amazon, Alt Balaji, and other OTT platforms have been the main source of entertainment for the Indian Audience. The age of Television channels is going past us now. These platforms have not only brought foreign content to us but have also produced their own content. What started with Sacred Games has revolutionized the whole game.

But it’s not like everything has been gold. Between some gems of shows, there have been so many misses that we can’t really count them. But, we are here for you to guide you. This is a list of the Best web series to watch on Netflix, Amazon, and any other platforms. So sit back and relax.

Best Indian Web Series list 2021


Indian Web Series list: It pains me that the Indian audience doesn’t recognize how good this show really is. TVF has always been producing good shows, but this was something else. The breath of fresh air we got from this show made us forget about all our worries for the length of the show. It’s a basic slice-of-life show but it’s not cheesy. The second season came out in January of this year, and it might not have the same magic as Season 1, but that final episode made up for all that. Watch this show with your family and have a good time.

College Romance

The first season was loved and adored by everyone. Bagga stole the heart of everyone. The second season is a little bit underwhelming as it tries to replicate the magic of the first season so hard. Some moments felt forced, but overall it is a really good watch.


One of the few disappointments of 2021 was this show. This was one of the most awaited series of 2021. People thought it would replicate the magic of Paataal Lol, but it felt really underwhelming. The show had nothing new to offer that we haven’t seen in every political drama before. The cast was somehow able to drag the show to the end. The controversial topics that were taken by the makers deliberately got the fans talking. If you are curious this will be a decent one-time watch.

Sacred Games

Now, let’s get back to where it all started. Season 1 of Sacred Games completely changed the Web-Series game in India. It is still one of the Best Web Series on Netflix. The second season was confusing, rushed and basically, all the expectations killed the show. When you expect the world from something and only get half of it, you will be disappointed. Still, the show sits on top of the mountain in the Indian Web Series pinnacle and should be watched.


This was the first mainstream Indian Web-Series. And it hurts me to see that people don’t talk about this show as they should. It is one of the best Indian suspense dramas. The second season was also really good but lost its way in the second half of the show. But we are talking about the first season here. Amit Sadh and R.Madhavan completely own the screens. This is one of the creepiest series I have ever watched and you will be hooked on this show from the first scene itself.


What a wild ride this show is. This show was able to gather as much audience as Sacred Games and that is saying something. The star power in this show is just something else. Ali Fazal, Pankaj Tripathi, Divyendu, Vikrant Massey are just to name a few. The second season went a little bit downhill as every other Indian Web Series, but we hope that it finds its magic in the third and hopefully the final season of the show.

Special Ops

When Kay Kay Menon does something it’s usually good. (We won’t talk about his early filmography). The show is the perfect binge-watch for the weekend that you can just sit back and watch. It starts a little slow, but with each episode, it becomes more and more stable with pace. There is no unnecessary melodrama or any cliche backstory, just eight very good episodes of a thriller show. Just waiting for season 2 and hoping it would be as good as the first season.

Yeh Meri Family

Another TVF classic with the same slice of life formula. When TVF gets their formula right no one can stop them. Netflix acquired this show last year but they have removed it. But don’t worry you can watch it on the TVF Play app for free. It is a beautiful series with beautiful moments that will make you laugh, cry, will make you excited and you will feel for the characters. The music is just as good as the show and will add to the beauty of the show.

Laakhon Mein Ek

I was confused between Kota Factory and Laakhon Mein Ek and in the end, I went with this. Biswa is one of the best storytellers our country has ever seen and it can be seen in this show. People prefer Kota Factory because it had a happy ending and made people feel good. But Laakhon Mein Ek was a raw take on the reality of our education system. It is one of the many shows on the education system of our country, but unlike other shows, it doesn’t feel generic.

TVF Pitchers

WHERE THE HELL IS THE SECOND SEASON OF PITCHERS???  It is rated 9.1 on IMDB which is the highest for any Indian Web Series. It was a breath of fresh air for all the Indian audience and was loved by all. The narrative, the plot, the cast, the humor, everything was outstanding. Maybe that’s why we don’t need a second season of this show. Maybe it is perfect as it is. But it hurts to know that we might never get the second season of this masterpiece.

Selection Day

Based on the novel of the same name, Selection Day was something entirely different from what we have seen so far from Indian makers. What starts as a normal story of two brothers and their dream of playing cricket turns out to be something else entirely. People did not really like the show, but I loved it. Maybe it’s because of my love for cricket but it is one of the best Indian Web Series On Netflix. It could have been better, but it is still good and deserved to be watched at least once.

TVF Tripling

Let’s get back on the TVF train and take a ride with them. It is a brilliant show with amazing soundtracks and stellar acting. The cast never fails to make us laugh with their wittiness and perfect timing. The plot moves at a perfect pace. And it ends before you even realize it. Leaving you demanding more. Isn’t that the motive of every ideal web series?

Delhi Crime

Whenever Netflix gets their formula right they just knock it out of the park. It focuses on the story after the 2012 Delhi rape case from the point of view of the police. It somehow has the creepiness of David Fincher and reveals its secret like a Bong Jong-Hoo movie. The portrayal of characters was spot on. It was presented as raw as it can and it worked. It worked brilliantly. I feel like this is the best Indian Web Series On Netflix. Yes, even better than Sacred Games.

Made In Heaven

It might be the most underrated Indian Web Series. Whenever Indian makers try to make something other than crime drama it should be appreciated. But even keeping that fact aside, it is one hell of a show. The plot is so much more than it seems. The characters are well written and the cinematography is amazing. What starts as a cute show turns out to be a dark and gritty reality of the upper class of our country.


The whole reason I watched this show was because of Sujoy Ghosh. I am a huge fan of his filmography. The typewriter is the best horror Indian Web Series On Netflix. It is not perfect in any sense. There were too many fluctuations. Sometimes it was way too gripping sometimes I was completely lost. But it is a good watch and you will have a good time.

Paatal Lok

Now, this is everything I can ask a web series to be. It is my absolute favorite Indian Web Series. Paatal Lok is such a slow burn that rubs on you throughout the show. It reveals everything slowly and slowly and the end is as satisfactory as you can ask. The maturity of the script really surprised me and left me in awe. It took me some time to digest the show, but in the end, I was completely satisfied. For me, it is the Best web series to watch on Netflix or any other platform.

The Family Man

Season 2 was supposed to release on 12 February 2021 but is now delayed with no exact date given. The first season was loved by everyone. People fall in love with Manoj Vajpayee and his character. He is a treat to watch. The slapstick comedy in the show somehow worked out for the better.

Concluding Indian Web Series list: This is our pick for the Best Indian Web Series that you can watch and enjoy. Know of any other series that we might have missed, let us know down below. And for more lists like these keep following Web Series Reviews.

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