Campus Diaries Review: It Is The Same Cliche But Good

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Campus Diaries Review: Campus Diaries derives a lot from nostalgia and quick comedy quirks!! We have another college series to watch and it is really good. If you look at it as a comedy show, you will be entertained throughout. College Diaries derives a lot from nostalgia and quick comedy quirks.

This fan service works for the majority of the show, but sometimes it just falls flat on the face. It gets too mundane and too much too quick. Even serious issues like ragging and addiction are laughed at here.

Don’t get me wrong, every other college series does that. And it is fine till a certain point. But College Diaries does not know when to stop. They create a fictional world and completely forget the line of reality.

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The show is still very good. You are going to laugh throughout. But sometimes it gets too much. And that thing really drags the showdown.

Campus Diaries Review, Plot, Watch Online

Campus Diaries: Plot

The plot is similar to all the college series we have watched before. It revolves around Six students of Excel University. And then it is just their daily life on the campus of their college.

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There is something new here. As the show does not completely focus on romantic relationships, larger-than-life friendships. It offers us more than that. Campus Diaries focuses on topics like drug abuse, toxic relationship, cheating, ragging, societal-based discrimination, and much more.

Campus election has been given so much importance in this series. And this might be the first time I have seen college election being highlighted this much in any show. All these topics give Campus Diaries the uniqueness it needed.

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But the way these serious topics are treated is the weak point of the show. Joking about these topics is one thing but just bashing them out for cheap laughs is just too much.

Campus Diaries Review: What Worked For The Show?


The cast they assembled here for this show is just brilliant. They have gathered some of the best entertainers in India and they all delivered. Saloni Gaur who is famous for her satire and mimicry is just as funny as she is in real life.

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Ritvik Sahore who has impressed us with so many performances over the years impresses here too. Harsh Beniwal, who is one of the biggest entertainers our country has, is just his usual energetic self. He has the freedom to act his usual characters and that worked so well.


When ver the comedy was in limit and controlled, it was so good. I was laughing throughout the show. The comedy is similar to the shows that we have shown before and can be termed as loud comedy. But who said loud comedy can’t be funny?

It worked for most of the parts and will really make you laugh. There are moments of smart comedy too throughout the show.

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No matter how they were treated at times, this show actually covered the topics that really mattered. Issues like ragging, drug abuse, discrimination, toxic relationships, were never touched by any other show with this much detail. And I really appreciate the makers focusing on these issues.

Campus Diaries Review: What Did Not Work For The Show?


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On one hand, where the cast is really strong, the characters are just as bland. There is not a single layer to a single character. All of the characters come out as one-tone characters and that really affects it at certain points. The main victim of this was the female characters who had nothing to work with.

Run Time

12 episodes were too much for this show. It could have been toned down to 10 episodes and no one would have minded. Having 2 more episodes really affected the show. As the makers tried to fill the show with unnecessary comedy tropes and over-the-top acting.

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Campus Diaries: Is It Worth It?

I have so many mixed feelings about this show. On one hand, it is a brilliant comedy with lots of sub-plots. On the other hand, it is just like all the other college dramas that derive from nostalgia and cheap laughs.

Nevertheless, it is a must-watch for all the fans of this genre. There are too many good things to miss and that outweighs the negativity of the show. It can be your weekend getaway if you want to watch it.

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