Dhindora Review | Bhuvan Bam Packs several Social Messages

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Dhindora Review: Dhindora revolves around a college student, Bhuvan, aspiring to be a singer who belongs to a typical middle-class family. Father, Babloo who is waiting for the promotion at his work. After so many years of waiting, he got a Promotion but also a salary cut.

Everything changed by 360 degrees when Babloo won a lottery worth 11 Crore rupees. But that’s not as happy as that for the family as Babloo had an accident and lost his memory.

While Babloo got admitted to the city hospital, Bhavan found his love interest who is interning as a Doctor in the same hospital. Gayatri Bhardwaj is playing Tara, intern doctor and Bhuvan’s crush.

Dhindora Episode Details

The series has 4 episodes in total of almost 20 mins long. Here are the list of all the episodes of Dhindora.

Episode 01Lag gaye
Episode 02Baasi Roti
Episode 03Nano Thug Lenge
Episode 04Saste Sherlock

Dhindora Cast and Crew

If you have watched Bhuvan Bam ever before, you must be aware of the multiple characters Bhuvan plays himself. Same as any previous videos on BB ki Vines, the series also follows the same characters.

Bhuvan is playing the role of his mother Janki, his father Babloo, mama Titu, his friends Bhanchoddas, Sameer Fuddi, and even one of his college teachers.

Gayatri Bhardwaj is playing Tara and Rajesh Tailang is casted as the Moneylender, Paarshad in the series.

The screenplay and Direction by Bhuvan Bam himself. The dialogues are incorporated with a good dose of adulthood, quirkiness, and chuckle-worthy. So, ironically, you can’t watch this family story with your family because of its double-meaning dialogues. But it’s a perfect watch with your friends and to watch it alone.

Dhindora Review

Well, most of us love Bhuvan Bam for various reasons and one of those reasons is his oneness in multiple characters. But this time it’s more seamless and smooth. The way he created the whole series, it never felt like they are one person who is playing almost every major characters.

That’s what made him stand out and what we love about him. Even if you liked any of his videos in the past or not, this series is, anyhow, for you. You should give it a shot.

Dhindora Musics

All the soundtracks used in the series are interesting and add extra value to the scenes. The title song, Dhindora (Kal jo tha khacchar Ban Gaya ghora), composed by Sneha Khanwalkar and rendered by Kailash Kher, is impressive. Bhuvan’s creations like Saazish, with Rekha Bhardwaj and Ban Gayi Zindagi’s vocals, add a decent amount of fun to the show.

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Dhindora Episode 1

Dhindora Episode 2

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