Family Man Season 2 Review: Best Series Of 2021?

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Family Man Season 2 Review: The Family Man Season 2 just came out and was it worth the hype?

Most of you already know about The Family Man. Amazon Prime The Family Man season 1 came out in 2019 and it instantly became a fan favorite. The uncanny acting by Manoj Vajpayee, the tight plot that didn’t even loosen up for even a second.

It was kind of a perfect show for the audience.

And for sure The Family Man Season 2 was the most awaited show of the year. The second season was supposed to release in January this year but was postponed because of the pandemic.

Now, that it is finally out, let’s take a look at it and see was it worth the hype or not?

Family Man Season 2 Review

Web Series NameThe Family Man Season 2
GenresDrama, Action
StarringManoj Bajpayee, Samantha Akkineni, Priya Mani
Languages Hindi
Release DateJune 4, 2021

The Family Man Season 2 Plot

Family Man Season 2 Review: Amazon Prime Family Man season 2 started right from where the first season ended. After Orion Chemical’s blast, Srikant left the force and is working in a corporate company.

But he can’t leave his life behind and came back to the field because of some circumstances. And then starts the chase. The show also deals with some of the subplots. Srikant and Suchi’s marriage, Dhriti and her relationship plot, and many more.

The Family Man S2 Positives


It goes without saying that every cast member has done a tremendous job here. There were some career-defining performances here. Manoj Vajpayee is a delight to watch like always.

His comic timing, his expressions, his grasp of the scenes, everything was on point. It would be nearly impossible for anyone to take the spotlight from him.

But guess what, Samantha did that.

Samantha Akkineni was the star of the show. Her performance was even better than Manoj Vajpayee and that is a fact.

Her action scenes were just mind-blowing. The intensity she builds up just by entering the room was out of this world.

It was a delight to watch her.

Other new additions also did an amazing job. Every actor knew what they were given and they performed it well.


Just like the first season, the direction of The Family Man Season 2 was also amazing. Raj Nidmoru never missed a single beat while directing the show.

He always was certain as to what he was shooting and how he should shoot that. Your experience of the show will only improve by the way it has been directed.


I won’t reveal the plot completely of the show. But hats off to the makers who picked this plot. The Family Man Season 2 main plot revolves around LTTE.

And it should be praised.

Considering how sensitive this topic is and the state of our country’s political and socio-political state, many makers wouldn’t have done this.

But Family Man makers went ahead and picked it and they did it perfectly.

The topic is sensitive for the Indian Government, Sri Lankan Government, and even for some Tamilain groups.

Now, because of this, the show was pushed back earlier and it was released after getting some cuts.

You won’t realize that there are cuts in the show, so hats of to the makers again.

Comedy Scenes

I mean, as I have mentioned earlier, the comedic timing of Manoj Vajpayee is out of this world.

And you can see it here too.

There were genuine comedy scenes that will make you laugh.


By diversity, I mean the blend of South Indian cinema and North Indian cinema. 40-50% of the series is in Tamil and that is something new. It is a new sight to see an Indian show really taking pride in the diversity of the country.

Rather than forcing us with some Tamilians speaking Hindi they went ahead and shot half of the season in Tamil only.

I loved seeing that, it was something new and gave the show legitimacy.

The Family Man Season 2 Negatives

There weren’t many negatives in this show. The only negative I found in the show was the actual length of the show.

The show is a slow burner the makers sometimes extended the show unnecessarily. It looked like they could have finished the show in 7 episodes.

The show becomes so slow at some points. But even there acting of Manoj Vajpayee and Samantha will keep you on your seats.

Overall, Amazon Prime Family Man Season 2 is wonderful. I would say that this second season was better than the other high-profile second seasons we got of certain shows. So, it can be your perfect binge-watch of the weekend.

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