Games of Karma – Kabristan (Part-1) ULLU Web Series Watch Online

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Games of Karma – Kabristan is one of the most successful web series on ULLU. This is the latest anthology web series that is trending among ULLU lovers. Kabirstaan is the first part of ‘Games of Karma’ featuring 6 stories. The most interesting thing is, each story is completely different from each other.

The story begins at the ashram of a sage-type man, Shree Pitaji, who has written a book called ‘Games of Karma.’ A girl named Flora visits Shree Pitaji’s ashram, Karma, to hear about the stories written in that book.

Kabirstaan is the first part of the anthology series, which looks promising and slightly different from other web series released by ULLU. “Games of Karma” certainly raises the standard of the shows ULLU releases.

ULLU generally creates erotic shows in regional languages like Hindi, Bhojpuri, Bengali, Gujarati, etc. For the very first time, ULLU has made something better in terms of scenes and story.

Games of Karma follow the same pattern as Netflix Sacred Games, where there is a Baba giving some lessons in different regions of life. But inGames of Karma, every task is represented as a story, and all stories are related to Karma.

Here is a glimpse ofGames of Karma Kabristan in its official trailer.

Games of Karma – Part 1 – Kabristan ULLU Web Series Trailer

As you have noticed in the trailer, ULLU has changed representation but not the stories. Stories still contain nudity and vulgarism.

GenreBold, Drama, Suspense
Release Date14 September 2021
DirectorPraveen Hingonia
Distributed ByULLU
DirectorPraveen Hingonia

Games of Karma – Kabristan story Explained

Games of Karma is a collection of stories, and the first story it features is about a Cemetery (kabr-istan), where dead bodies were buried. Kabristan is written and narrated by Babaji in theGames of Karma ULLU web series.

The story reads that a caretaker of Kabristan named Farook lived in the Kabristan and took care of the place. Whenever he hears that there is a death nearby, he seems to be the happiest person there.

Farook jumps by the joy that his night will be enjoyable with the nu-de-dead body of those who died. He was a psycho and mad over dead bodies.

But something unpredictable happened to him when a girl died. WatchGames of Karma – Kabristan to know the complete story of Part 1 ofGames of Karma.

Games of Karma – Part 1 – Kabristan ULLU Web Series Cast and Crew

Many famous faces have been featured in the complete series of Games of Karma. It was a delight to watch Jeetu Sastri as Farook, Pratima Kannan as Sultana, and other big faces as cast. Here is the complete list of the Games of Karma – Part 1 – Kabristan cast.

Jeetu ShastriFarook
Pratima KannanSultana
Sujail KhanMajid
Shakil WarsiMajid’s Father
Vicky SinghAbdul
RajivAbdul’s Father
Laxman SignQasim
Jayesh KosambiaSalim
Kapil BatraRehman
Harjeet WaliaMehmood
Rohit WattalIqbal
Games of Karma – Part 1 – Kabristan cast

Release Date ofKabristan Games of Karma ULLU web series

Games of Karma - Part 1 - Kabristan ULLU Web Series Watch Online

Kabristan was released on 14 September 2021 on ULLU official app and its official website to stream. You can stream it on the ULLU android app or the official website.

How to watch Games of Karma Kabristan online

To watch the Games of Karma, you have to follow specific steps, and you will be able to watch every Ullu series, including every episode of Games of Karma.

  • Download the Ullu app from Google Play Store or your IOS store.
  • Open the app and Sign In with your E-Mail ID.
  • Select the premium plan that you wish for. You need a premium plan to watch the series.
  • You can select either monthly, quarterly, or yearly plans in the app.
  • Select your payment method and complete the payment.

Now you can enjoy all the famous and trending ULLU web series like Games of Karma, Charmsukh, etc.

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