Hello Mini REVIEW, Story, Release Date, Cast, and Actress Real name

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Hello Mini REVIEW: The Hello Mini is a romantic thriller available on MX Player to stream and after the release of the first season, it got so much love from the audience. Hello Mini, a suspense thriller drama web series, revolving around Rivanah Bannerjee a.k.a Mini (Anuja Joshi), an independent girl, a Software engineer living alone in Mumbai.

She had a perfect life caring and modern parents, a loving and loyal boyfriend, and a great job as a software engineer in Mumbai. But things are different from what they seem, as her life is in danger. A stranger has been stalking, watching her every move, trying to get control over her life.

Hello Mini REVIEW and Details

Web Series NameHello Mini
GenreThriller, Romance
No. of Seasons3
No. of Episodes35
Directed byFaruk Kabir
Lead ActorsAnuja Joshi,
Mrinal Dutt,
Arjun Aneja
Release Date1 October 2019
Streaming onMX Player

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Hello Mini Story MX Player

The Hello Mini is a romantic thriller web series directed by Faruk Kabir and the story is based on a very famous novel written by Novoneel Chakraborty & Croctales. The story begins in Bengal from the house of a small family of Rivanah Bannerjee who is a software engineer and got a job in a company in Mumbai.

She was very happy settling in Mumbai with a great high-paying job. She has a great family and is in a relationship for the last 6 months. But suddenly, things changed 360-degree.

She has been stalked by someone for a very long and now he is causing so many problems in her life and don’t want to let her live on her own. He listens to her every time and he follows her everywhere she goes.

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She is very scared of all that is happening but couldn’t find who the stalker is and why he is doing all that to her. The stalker always looks trying to helpRivanah to know her worth, that looks helpful and caring but she has to pay a price for everything he did.

She is completely trapped in his conspiracy but all the efforts to escape the trap increase her difficulties.

Even after trying everything, she couldn’t find any clue about the stranger.

In the second season, she got involved in several murders as she want him to stop stalking her and she want to live her life to her fullest but it turns out that it created another bigger problem in Mini’s life and nowRivanah is in deeper trouble and helpless.

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Hello Mini Review Should you watch the series?

You should watch all the 3 seasons of Hello Mini to know what exactly had happened in the story and will she be able to find her stalker or not. The Hello Mini is one of the best romantic thrillers I have ever seen on any OTT platform and the Hello Mini web series is available to stream for free on MX Player. So this series deserves a binge by you.

You should watch all the 3 seasons of Hello Mini to know what would be the end result of all those events for her and the stranger? All the answers are in seasons 1 – 3 of the Hello Mini MX Player web series. You should definitely watch the complete web series on MX Player.

The story of this series is great enough to keep you hooked and thrilled till the end of the series. The characters of the show look so real and thrilling that you will feel like you are living the series itself.

The Hello Mini series is only of its kind so we don’t know how it should be but the way creators have made it, it looks fantastic.

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Hello Mini Release Date

The Hello Mini has 3 seasons available on MX Player and the first season of the show was released on 1 Oct 2019. Just after a week of its release, it got a huge fanbase and reached a viewership of 1 Million on MX Player. 93% of the viewers liked this show and shared their positive reviews on Google, IMDb, and MX Player itself.

Hello Mini Cast & Actress real name

The Hello Mini web series features Anuja Joshi as Rivanah Bannerjee a.k.a Mini, Mrinal Dutt as Danny Abraham, and Arjun Aneja as Prateek Basotia in lead roles. Other cast members include Anshul Pandey as Ekansh, Anjuman Saxena as Mrs. Banerjee, Vineet Sharma as Inspector Kamble, Gaurav Chopra as Aditya Grover, and a few others.

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Here are some of the lead characters and their real name of the Hello Mini web series:

Anuja JoshiRivanah Bannerjee (Mini)
Mrinal DuttDanny Abraham
Arjun AnejaPrateek Basotia
Hello Mini lead Cast

Hello Mini REVIEW Official Trailer

Hello Mini Season 1 Official Trailer

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Hello Mini Season 2 Official Trailer

Hello Mini Season 3 Official Trailer

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FAQs About Hello Mini

Can I watch the Hello Mini web series for free?

You can stream all three seasons of the Hello Mini web series on MX Player for free on the official app and website of MX player.

Who are the lead characters of Hello Mini?

The Hello Mini web series features Anuja Joshi as Rivanah Bannerjee a.k.a Mini, Mrinal Dutt as Danny Abraham, and Arjun Aneja as Prateek Basotia in lead roles.

Is Stranger revealed in Hello mini?

The stranger of the Hello Mini web series was revealed in the third season of the show. You can watch the complete web series to find who is the stranger of Hello Mini on MX Player.

Who is the stranger in Hello mini?

Played by Anshul Pandey, Ekansh also plays a pivotal role in the series. Do you think he is a friend or actually the Stranger? Anshul Pandey is known for his role in Bade Achey Lagtey hai that aired from 2011 to 2014.

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