Hotspot Videshi Ishq ULLU web series Review, Cast, and Date

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Hotspot Videshi Ishq Review: ULLU continuously produces content to keep its audience engaged with the sizzling hot content around romance and intimacy. Let me confess one thing if Netflix is best, ULLU is also not that bad. After all, ULLU can produce content that stands out for its audience; they love it.

ULLU is now on the screen with another hot and spicy web series named Hotspot Videshi Ishq. In this web series, a middle-aged man fell in love with a sweet girl foreigner. Although the concept is primarily similar to any previous ULLU web series, they have presented this web series in a completely different manner.

Now let’s know more about this ULLU web series in detail. We will be sharing the cast details, release date, and review of Hotspot Videshi Ishq in this post. But before reviewing the show, I will share the story in short.

Hotspot Videshi Ishq ULLU web series Storyline

Hotspot Videshi Ishq Story: The story features a Middle-aged man who started loving a foreign girl. She is sweet, sexy, and irresistible, at least for him. He is all in for her. After few months of the lobby dobby phase of their relationship, they are bored being in a long-distance relationship, and both turn out to meet and stay together.

She was first to ask whether she could stay together in India or not. How will a middle-aged shopkeeper handle such a scenario? Will he end the relationship with that girl or end up leaving their family members for her?

Watch the complete web series on ULLU’s official app and website to know everything about their story.

Hotspot Videshi Ishq ULLU web series Review

For ULLU, it’s almost always the same ending of the story. But this time, at least they have a special beginning in a new style. I would say that if you liked any of the ULLU web series at any point in time, you’d love Videsh Ishq as well. If you liked any web series like Charmsukh, Palang Tod, The Devil Inside, Games of Karma, or the Online ULLU web series, Go ahead and watch the Hotspot now.

Hotspot Videshi Ishq Cast Details

Hotspot Videshi Ishq ULLU web series Review, Cast, and Date

I wanted to share the complete details about the Cast of Hotspot Videshi Ishq. But, unfortunately, even after searching for several minutes, I am unable to find any information about the cast and crew of the show. We only found the name of the Cast, and that’s Nisha and Arjun. But we promise you that I’ll update the post once I get the details about the cast.

Hotspot Videshi Ishq Release Date

The drama show Hotspot Videshi Ishq was released on 19th October 2021 on the ULLU official app and official website. You can enjoy the show by paying a minimal amount as the subscription fee. You can enjoy any show on the ULLU platform after purchasing the subscription.

How to watch Charmsukh Kamar ki naap online?

You have to follow specific steps, and you will be able to watch every Ullu series, including every episode of Charmsukh.

  • Download the Ullu app from Google Play Store or your iOS store.
  • Open the app and Sign In with your E-Mail ID.
  • Select the premium plan that you wish for. You need a premium plan to watch the series.
  • You can select either monthly, quarterly, or yearly plans in the app.
  • Select your payment method and complete the payment.

Enjoy every episode of Charmsukh, Palang Tod, Games of Karma, or any other Ullu web series that you want to watch.

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