Hotstar Grahan Review: An Impactful Love Story Amidst The Chaos

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Hotstar Grahan Review: Hotstar latest series Grahan might have missed on so many levels but it is still an impactful watch. It might be inconsistent at some points, but it hit the right spot so many times.

And all the times the series was able to hit the right spot, it was the best thing ever. And I am not exaggerating it in any way.

The idea of a love story between all the riots and chaos is not new, but it will work every single time. Because that is what our generation connects to the much.

We all want our fairy tales no matter what. But, reality strikes and tells us that not every story gets a happy ending.

And that is exactly what Hotstar Grahan Web Series is. You will feel that it is a fairy tale, but it is not.

It is a chaotic story that will make you feel things that you really don’t want to and that is exactly what it wanted to achieve.

The series is inspired by Satya Vyas’s novel Chaurasi and the makers have adapted the story pretty well to be fair.

There are some inconsistencies here and there and it will affect your experience, but it is still a pretty good series to watch.

Grahan Web series Review

Web Series NameGrahan
IMDB Rating8.4/10
GenreCrime, Thriller, Love story, Romance
Release Date30 Jun 2021
Streaming onDisney + Hotstar

Grahan web series Plot/Storyline

Hotstar Grahan Review: The official synopsis of the series reads “Inspired by Satya Vyas’s novel ‘Chaurasi’. The show follows two intertwined stories: a 1984 blooming romance between Manu and Rishi. That succumbs to anti-Sikh riots and the one is set in 2016, when Amrita Singh, an IPS officer, solves a riddle that ties the past with the present.”

Grahan is a love story, but it is also a tale of a person finding herself amidst all the chaos of the outer world.

IPS officer Amrita Singh is a righteous officer who is investigating a murder of a journalist. She lives with her father who wants her to shift to Canada with her fiancee.

After so much pressure on the case, she was going to resign. Then suddenly she was asked to reopen the 1984 anti-Sikh riots in the Bokaro case.

Her whole world will fall apart because of the truth she will find. The case suddenly becomes a battle of Amrita against her identity.

And amidst all this, we also see a love story between Gursevak’s Rishi and Manu during the riot itself.

Grahan focuses on two stories simultaneously and that might have affected the show in some way. It worked on so many levels, but it also confused and resulted in some minor plot holes.

But still, it is an enjoyable watch and will keep you hooked throughout.

Grahan Web Series Review: Positives


Hotstar Grahan Review: The cast performances were the best part of the show undoubtedly. Pawan Malhotra performed his life. We all know how talented an actor he is and he showed us why he is such a respected artist.

Satyakam Anand and Zoya Hussain also dropped some massive performances and stole the show completely. But surely the actor I was most impressed by was Wamiqa Gabbi.

She played the role of Manu and was the highlight of the show. She was all over the show, and you would feel her presence. And missed her presence when she wasn’t on the screen.


No matter what you say, the plot of the series is interesting. Satya Vyas’s novel is an interesting pick to make a movie.

And even after all the inconsistencies and plot holes the series thrives in terms of the storyline. Both of the stories are influential and important. And it will keep you invested in it throughout.

Grahan: Negatives


Hotstar Grahan Review: As I said, there were lots of inconsistencies throughout the show. There were plot holes too, but we could easily ignore those.

But the inconsistencies made the show feel a bit slow and all over the place. Which wasn’t the case at all. If they could have just penned down the script a little bit more tightly, it could have done wonders.


I can’t help but think that they could have finished the series in 6 episodes only. Because sometimes it felt like that the series was stale for a long amount of time. If they could have finished the series in 6 episodes, we might have been looking at one of the best series of the year.

Grahan Web series Review: Is It Worth watching?

I will say, YES! Even after all the inconsistencies and moments where the series felt really slow, it is still a good watch. I will watch this series again just for the dialogues and the performance of the cast. But above that, the story is also good that will keep you interested from start to finish.

This was our Hotstar Grahan review, what did you think about the show? Let us know down below. And for more series reviews and news keep following Web Series Review.

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