‘I’m Not Done Yet’ Will Tell You Why There Is A Lot Left To Kapil Sharma

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I’m Not Done Yet: Kapil Sharma is ready to prove doubters wrong with his new Netflix special!! If you keep doing your work with complete passion and love you will achieve success one day. That is the life of one of the biggest comedians of India Kapil Sharma. It might have taken him a long time but he is here now.

Netflix unveiled the trailer of Kapil Sharma Netflix stand-up special I’m Not Done Yet a week ago. And fans are really excited about it. We haven’t seen a Kapil Sharma solo stand-up routine in such a long time now. It will feel fresh and nostalgic at the same point. You may like: Subash Ghai Making His Return With ’36 Farmhouse’.

I can say that it was bound to happen sooner or later. Because he is such a talented artist. No matter what people say about his comedy style. There are very few comedians in our country that can match his timing and delivery at the moment.

And that is why he is such a beloved artist. He promised everyone to tell his life story and by the trailer, it looks like he will be doing that only. But in a more self-harming and deprecatory way. For you: Bhaukaal 2 Will Be More Explosive Than Ever.

Don’t worry it will be nothing serious. The comedian will focus on his drunken tweets that created so much mess last year. So, it will be Kapil Sharma taking shots at him in a very fun way.

A Very Fun Marriage

Kapil Sharma’s act will also focus on his relationship with his wife Ginni Chatrath. Ginni will be in the audience and in the trailer, it was shown there will be little but back and forth between the couple. For you: Vikram Vedha First Look Revealed By Hritik Roshan.

Ginni was roasting Kapil Sharma in the trailer and was so good that she might also start a career in this field only. If there will be more segments like these between these two it will be a very good watch.

Not A Simple Stand-Up

I’m Not Done Yet will not be a simple stand-up with punch lines and slapstick comedy. It will be the story of Kapil Sharma narrated by him in his own words. So, it might get a little emotional for him. Read now: Campus Diaries Review: It Is The Same Cliche But Good.

He will talk about his dad and his influence on his life. How he was brought up and how did he help him to become the man he is today. Kapil Sharma will also focus on how he struggled in his early life to reach here.

So, as I said, it will be a very emotional act and you might want to keep your tissues close.

I’m Not Done Yet: Release Date

The special is all set to release on Netflix on January 28, 2022. It will be a Netflix exclusive so you can’t watch it anywhere else. It will be around 1 hour long. Recommended: Chakda ‘Xpress: Anushka Sharma is back on Screen as Jhulan Goswami.

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