Indori Ishq Review: Breaking The Age-Old Stigma of Manhood

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Indori Ishq Review: It might be surprising, but Indori Ishq was one of the most hyped-up series after the trailer got released. Indian audience has a weird affection with heartbreak.

Perhaps Zakir Khan said the truth when he said “We are a generation of a broken heart and broken people”. That is why every series that shows heartbreak even a little bit tends to love that series.

Just a few weeks ago we got the third season of Broken But Beautiful and now, today Indori Ishq was released. And Indori Ishq is different from any other love story you have ever seen. So, let’s get on with it without any further ado.

Indori Ishq Web series Review

Web Series NameIndori Ishq
IMDB Rating7.6/10
GenreRomance, Comedy, Drama
Lead CastRitvik Sahore, Vedika Bhandari, Aashay Kulkarni, Dheer Hira, Donna Munshi, Tithi Raaj, Meera Joshi
DirectorSamit Kakkad
ProducerDurgesh Ashok Gupta, Gautam Talwar
Release Date10 Jun, 2021
Streaming onMX Player

Indori Ishq web series Storyline

Indori Ishq Web series Review: The official synopsis of the show reads “The story begins with amusing attempts of twelfth-grader, Kunal, to woo his classmate, Tara. Kunal finally manages to propose to Tara and their love story begins.

After his schooling, Kunal leaves Indore and moves to Mumbai to join a Naval College. Soon his sober life turns upside-down when Tara dumps him for someone else.

In no time, Kunal turns into an alcoholic and chain smoker, and without taking admission in the naval college, he moves to a weird rundown room in Darukhana, spending days doing nothing but drinking, smoking, and missing Tara”.

The plot revolves around Kunal and Tara. They both loved each other and were happy together until Tara decided to go and cheat her way out of the relationship.

But everything is not so simple. When Kunal decided to know the reason, he learned some facts that will truly destroy his world.

The plot is simple as it can get. We have seen this plot in so many other shows and movies throughout time. But the subplots of Indori Ishq make it stand out from all others.

The way it digs deep into the relationship of Tara and Kunal when nothing was left. The way Kunal still looks out for Tara to come back.

He rejects everything and everyone that decides to come close to him. We have seen all these tropes before but there was something refreshing in Indori Ishq.

Indori Ishq Performances

Indori Ishq Web series Review: Every single cast member did a great job. The only problem in this department was Ritvik Sahore. I am not saying that he didn’t do a good job. He tried his best but this role was not for him.

He felt too out of place in some scenes. But there were some scenes of brilliance too. I have mixed feelings about Ritvik as Kunal in this show.

But other than that, every single cast member did a fantastic job. Especially Tithi Raaj and Vedika Bhandari. Vedika came out as a cold person but with a backstory and that is the best kind of character.

Indori Ishq: Is It Worth It?

Indori Ishq Web series Review: I will say, YES! You should watch Indori Ishq if you are a fan of romantic series. Because Indori Ishq offers something different by breaking the macho manhood stigma.

In any series, during breakups or anything, it is the girl who are shown to grieve and brood. Whereas the macho men are counted to move on without slightest regret.

But, Indori Ishq shows Kunal driving himself into a personal hell. A hell of grief and insanity. He blames himself that Tara cheated on him and that is how life works.

Kunal has been shown to achieve enough academic success. He is intelligent, smart, and loves Tara all his life. And the betrayal affects him.

He resorts to ways such as alcoholism and chain-smoking. He can never find peace outside, his peace only resides with the memories of Tara.

And this self-destruction and his path of finding himself again is something we don’t often see in Indian web series. The story breaks the age-old stigma of ‘Mark Ko Dard Nahin Hota’ and shows that even men can shed tears.

Where To Watch Indori Ishq web series?

Indori Ishq Web series: You can watch this series for free on MX Player. Just install the app on your device and open the video tab and you will find the show there. There is no need for any kind of subscription or anything. You can even watch this show on your computer on MX Player’s official website.

FAQs About Indori Ishq Web series

When Indori Ishq is released?

Indori Ishq released on 10 Jun, 2021.

Where can I watch Indori Ishq Web Series?

You can watch Indori Ishq on MX Player from 10 Jun, 2021 for free without any Subscription.

Who directed Indori Ishq Web series?

Samit Kakkad directed Indori Ishq web series.

Can I watch this web series if I am Below 18 yrs old?

No you can’t watch this web series if you are under 18 yrs old. This web series contains adult Languages and Scenes which may inappropriate for some audience.

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