Khunnas Ullu Web Series Review, Plot & Cast

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Khunnas Ullu Web Series Review, Plot, Cast, and Other Details: Ullu has been releasing some major hits for quite a long time now. Because of that their latest series ‘Khunnas’ was one of their most awaited series ever.

And it was finally released yesterday and is already breaking the internet. Ullu is famous for its adult content and you can expect the same things from Khunnas.

But there is a twist to it. Khunnas has a decent story too, which is very rare to see in Ullu shows.

Khunnas Ullu Web Series Review

Khunnas Plot/Storyline

The official synopsis of the show reads “A house decked up like Diwali just for their daughter’s birthday is thrilled by gunshots. The assassin is none other than their driver whose rage triggered by the birthday girl’s act in the past. Witness the twisted affair behind this revenge drama, that leads to a massacre.”

The plot of the show is really simple, to be honest.

You can figure out the whole story just by the trailer only. The story is based on a driver and his obsession with the daughter of his boss.

Both of them are together but the daughter is fake and uses the driver. The driver used to be a killer and is completely obsessed with the daughter.

But after getting to know the truth, he snaps and kills every member of the girl’s family.

But is it as simple as it looks? Or is there something that we are not able to see?

Khunnas Cast & Crew

The show features Amika Shail as Rashmi, Shaheen Khan as Gautam, Asit Redji as Father, and Sonam Arora as Devika in the lead roles.

Saheem Khan is also the director of the series.

Talking about the cast, all of them did a decent job. They did what they had to do and were decent on the screen.

There was nothing particularly amazing about their performance but there was nothing bad also.

How To Watch Khunnas Ullu Web series?

The show is streaming right now on Ullu exclusively. You will need an Ullu subscription and you can enjoy the show without any problems.

Khunnas is a mini-series with only three episodes. Each episode is 18-20 minutes long.

So, the series will be over before you know it. Ullu has lots of similar kinds of series, so you can enjoy other series too if you Purchase its subscription.

We request you to use only the legal sources to watch the series as it will help the creators.

You can also watch Khunnas on the MX Player app. The series is free on MX Player and you won’t have to pay anything to watch this series.

But you won’t get all the Ullu shows on MX Player and only limited shows are available. And Khunnas is one of them.

Is it worth watching the Khunnas Ullu Web series?

If you have watched other Ullu web series and know how they are like and like them. You will like Khunnas too.

Khunnas is very similar to all the other Ullu web series. It has very the top scenes with some decent storylines and lots of NSFW scenes.

The same formula we have seen in almost every other Ullu web series.

Just go and watch the series without any expectations and you will like the series. And it is too short to waste your time. So, ultimately, you won’t regret watching it at the end.

The series is titled Khunnas Part 1. So, we will get Part 2 very soon. We might get it around August or September as Ullu usually releases the second part of their series very soon.

This was out Khunnas review. What did you think about the show? Let us know down below.

Some FAQs

What is ULLU Original Web series?

ULLU original web series is the Shows created and released by one of the most popular and Premium Platform for Hot 18+ shows in Indian Regional Languages. You can watch adult web series on ULLU app.

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