Lucifer Season 6 ending explained: What Happened in the final scenes?

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Lucifer Season 6 ending explained: The Lucifer TV show has been a fan-favorite since it first aired on January 25, 2016. Lucifer Season 6 ended and Lucifer fans were left wondering what happened in the final scenes of Lucifer Season 6?

Lucifer Season 6 ended on a cliffhanger, and fans are desperate to know what happened.

The season finale of the hit TV series left fans with more questions than answers. Many people have been talking about it online, but there is still no official explanation from showrunners or anyone affiliated with the production team of the show.

We have put together this article that will give you a brief recap of Lucifer’s season 6 finale as well as explaining what happened in the final scene. If you haven’t watched it yet then be warned that spoilers follow!

Lucifer Season 6 ending explained

What Is The Purpose of Lucifer Season 6?

The purpose of the final season is to provide closure to the series. Shortly after Season 4 aired, it was revealed that the show would not be renewed for a fifth season so it was canceled.

Ahead of Season 5 being released though, Netflix decided to pick up the series instead and fund the production of 6 additional episodes. The reboot gave Lucifer fans a final taste of the series, and it also delivered a proper finale.

Who are the main characters in season 6?

The main characters are the same as in the previous seasons of Lucifer. They are Detective Chloe Decker, LAPD’s homicide division; her partner and former lover Det. Dan Espinoza is also very good friends with Lucifer Morningstar himself.

Dr. Linda Martin who is a psychotherapist specializing in helping people deal with their problems, also knows that Lucifer is the Devil; Amenadiel, Lucifer’s brother who has been cast out of Heaven for disobedience; Mazikeen is a demon.

What is the finale episode about?

Once Lucifer returns from another dimension, he is able to heal Chloe without Maze’s help. Meanwhile, at a crime scene, Lucifer speaks to the female detective, who is actually Eve!

As a result of Amenadiel’s actions, Lucifer and Linda are trapped in another dimension. Maze has been trying to find them but hasn’t been able to make it back from this realm on time before Chloe dies of her injuries. In order to save her friends, she decides to let Dr. Linda’s soul into her body. In the end, Amenadiel comes to terms with his mistake and sacrifices himself so that Lucifer and Linda can return home safely.

How does season 6 end?

Lucifer, Linda, and Maze are in an alternate dimension with no hope of returning home before Chloe dies. To save her friends, Maze agrees to let Dr. Linda’s soul into her body.

When she wakes up, the doctors inform Maze that Linda is dead and they have been unable to resuscitate her. Lucifer tells her that he’s going home without her as she has done enough for all of them.

In the final scene, Detective Decker is seen standing with a gun pointed at Chloe Decker. As she approaches her, Lucifer suddenly appears and says “my son”. At that moment, everything starts to happen very quickly. A shot rings out and it’s not clear who has been hit.

Did Lucifer really die at the end of season 6 or not?

No. Lucifer didn’t die in the final scene of season 6. It is not yet clear what part of the show was scripted or faked for viewing audiences, but it definitely wasn’t the actual death of Tom Ellis’ character. The actor recently posted on social media that he’s alive and well after finishing work on Lucifer Season 6.


Lucifer Season 6 ends with a scene that the entire fandom is working to figure out. The final shot features one of the main characters holding a gun that may or may not be pointing at Chloe. Tom Ellis, who plays Lucifer Morningstar on the show has responded to fans’ questions on Twitter by saying “I’m alive”.

Whether this means that his character is also alive remains unclear. There are more than enough potential cliffhangers in the scene to keep fans occupied trying to imagine how this could play out.

As far as many viewers and critics are concerned, however, The final season was designed to give fans some closure after featuring a proper finale episode.

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