Maharani Review: Too Many Plots; No Conclusion

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Maharani Web Series Review: Maharani came out on Sony Liv on May 28, 2021, and really it was an interesting series. It is directed by Subash Kapoor, who has directed a similar movie in the past.

I am talking about Madam Chief Minister which was also released earlier this year in January only.

Releasing a similar kind of series just a few months after can be said as dodgy, But it worked for most of the part. But when you have two similar productions by the same director, it can get difficult to get behind both of them.

If you have watched Madam Chief Minister then you can skip the show and you won’t be missing much. Both of the productions have similar kinds of settings and premises.

And another thing is that Maharani is similar to so many other Bollywood political movies as well.

Maharani Web Series Review

Maharani Trailer
Web Series NameMaharani
Lead CastHuma Qureshi, Sohum Shah, Amit Sial
DirectorKaran Sharma
ProducerDimple Kharbanda & Naren Kumar
Release Date28th May 2021
Streaming onSonyLiv

Maharani Web series Storyline Review

Maharani Web Series Review: Maharani’s plot is as simple as it can get. There has been a failed assassination attempt on the Chief Minister of Bihar. So, to be still in power and save his life, he makes his wife, Rani his successor.

Rani is an illiterate housewife who only cares about her home and her husband. She has even planned to go back to her village when Bheema’s reign is over.

Her whole life changes when she was announced as the successor. The story is set in 1990 Bihar, so obviously there are so many social baggage in front of her. Will she be able to survive?

The plot of the show is simple and crisp. And on the paper, it should work. But, Maharani is another example of a good script turned bad due to the length of the series.

The whole series could have been finished with 8-9 episodes at max. But they dragged it with unnecessary sub-plots. And because of that, the show becomes too slow so many times.

And at those scenes, it is a drag to watch this show.

The main problem of the show arises from the climax. Maharani’s climax is so badly written and poorly executed that it completely tone down the whole series.

It could have been so much better if the show was only 8 episodes long and the climax was a bit better. It is a political thriller but the aspect of the thrill was always missing from the show.

If the marketing team marketed the show as a political drama then it could have worked for me. But the way it is now, it doesn’t work for me.

Maharani Cast & Crew

So, the only good thing about this show is the cast. Huma Qureshi, Vineet Kumar, and Amit Sial were just outstanding in the show. The way Huma carried herself throughout the show is just mesmerizing.

Her character arc was just amazing and was one of the few bright spots of the show. Amit Sial as Naveen was also a character to watch. We know how talented he is as an actor and he showed it here.

Maharani Web Series Direction

Maharani web series Review: As I said earlier if you have watched ‘Madam Chief Minister’ you will find the direction same here also. Karan Sharma has directed the show, but you can clearly see the influence of Subash Kapoor.

The direction in Madam Chief Minister was really good and so is the case with Maharani also. The overhead shots and the stills were just amazing and ones to look out for.

Maharani: Is It Worth It?

Overall, it is a pretty decent show. You can watch it if you want to. But at the same time, it is nothing that special and you won’t miss much if you decide to skip it.

If you want to watch the show you should watch it for Huma Quereshi and Amit Sial and all the other cast members as well.

How to watch the Maharani Web series?

You can watch the show on Sony Liv. You have to take a premium subscription to that. The premium subscription of Sony Liv varies from a monthly option to a yearly option.

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