Money Heist Season 5 Review: It Is A War For Real

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Money Heist Season 5 Review: Finally the first part of the final season of Money Heist is out. And as I have said earlier it is more intense than ever. Right from the first scene, you can actually feel the intensity.

Right after the first episode, I had to stop to take a deep breath. Because everything was a lot to handle in the first episode only. We will try to keep this review as spoiler-free as possible.

In the first episode itself, you will see so many things that it will be hard to keep up. And it is really good and really bad at the same time. It is good because it develops the intensity and bad because of the pacing overload.

In the first episode itself, you will get fights between teammates, Professor being taken hostage, the rescue of Lisbon, Berlin’s backstory, and Professor’s confession also.

And I had no idea what to expect from it as it went forward. But all the other episodes followed the same routine and I had to stop for a breather after every episode.

Money Heist Season 5 will literally be a war. I don’t know how much are you taking it seriously, but when the makers told us it was going to be war, they meant it.

Money Heist Season 5 Review

The fifth season started with Resistance freeing Lisbon from the police custody. Lisbon is free and now the squad is together. The professor is telling everyone what to do from his secret bunker.

They all shout “For Nairobi” and I got goosebumps that time. But Professor was arrested by Alicia and has been taken into custody and we cut to the intro.

We got a flashback scene with Berlin and his son. Both of them are spending quality time. Another flashback scene, but this time with Professor and Lisbon. It looks like everything that happened was Professor’s plan altogether. Things are tense with the camp right now. There are 31 tons of gold left to melt and only 4 hours are left.

We also told you this much because the first 15 minutes of the show were released on Youtube by Netflix itself. And all of this happened in the first fifteen minutes only.

And that is exactly what I was talking about. Too much in just one episode. It worked but also at most of the time it didn’t work.

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Money Heist Season 5: What Worked?


As I have said the intensity of the show is on another level this time around. And it was given considering this is the last season and they also have to redeem themselves for two underwhelming seasons before it.

For most of the parts, the intensity of the show was top-notch. There was visible tension throughout. The inner conflicts were bigger and more brutal, the drama had a weird edge now and the usual bickering was also different this time.

The best thing was the sense of urgency on everyone’s face. The intensity wasn’t only on one side, it was on both sides. The police force was tensed, our robbers were tensed and that really elevated this season.


I am not going to lie, Berlin will once again steal the show and that is for sure. His expressions are on another level. And his story might also be the one that will make all the difference.

Of course, he didn’t have any direct impact on the story and that made his role so much more better. He was more impactful than any other actor on the series and that is saying something.

Honestly, Pedro Alonso has been the star of the show from the first day and it is not even close. He has really molded the character into his own ways and gave us one of the most lovable characters of all time.


One thing I will admit is that no matter how dull an episode is, Money Heist’s cliffhangers are entirely on a different level altogether. The cliffhanger really saves the show every time.

And this time the cliffhanger exceeded all of my expectations and I am not even lying. I was not expecting anything that happened at the end of the final episode.

And it had just made the wait for the final five episodes even harder. I don’t think they could have done the cliffhanger any better than this. Because this was top-notch fan service that is really good.

Money Heist: Season 5: What Didn’t Work?


Even though the intensity of the show was there, the pacing of the show kind of let it down. There wasn’t enough time to simmer down anything that was happening in the show.

Everything was just so fast. We were transitioning from one scene to another without any wait. And that can really hurt a show. Even the emotional scenes were affected by this.

If we had just a little bit more time to process what actually happened everything would have been so much better. They could have made this show 1 episode longer and no one would have said anything.

Money Heist Season 5: Is It Worth It?

It is so much better than the previous two seasons. If they can do the final part right they might completely redeem themselves. Most of the things in this season were like the first two seasons.

The things we loved in the original seasons were back and made the show so much better than previous seasons. So, overall yes it is worth it. You can binge-watch it now.

Or you can wait till the final part will be dropped in December and you can watch the whole season altogether then. But, if you want to do that, beware of spoilers.

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