Nakaab Official Trailer: Another Crime Mystery on MX Originals

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After Several Crimes, thrillers, and mysterious murder stories like Chakravyuh, Bhaukaal, Raktanchal, Samantar, and Bisaat, MX Player is back with another similar Story. It’s Nakaab. MX Player has released the official trailer of Nakaab on its YouTube channel on 6th Sep 2021.

Nakaab Official Trailer looks very promising itself and looks like it’ll fall into the list of best crime thriller MX Originals. Nakaab is releasing on 15th Sep 2021 on MX Player. As we have seen some previous crime mystery shows on MX Player, we can assume that this show will also get a massive response from the Audience.

Soumik Sen created Nakaab, which has created movies like Why Cheat India in 2019, Badman in 2016, Gulaab Gang in 2014, and Mahalaya in 2019.

Most of those shows were decent and entertaining, and now Soumik directed Nakaab MX Originals.

Nakaab Official Trailer

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Nakaab Cast and Crew

I said the Trailer looks promising, and the reason is Cast and Story as well, but first, let’s look at who is in the crew.

Mallika Sherawat Stares as TV sensation, Zohra Mehra looks very daring and impressive in few scenes of the Nakaab Trailer. It seems that she is one of the participants to commute the crime. Well, it’ll be entertaining if it happens so.

Esha Gupta is playing sub-inspector Aditi Amre in this high-profile case. Aditi will reveal lots of dark secrets that actress Vibha Dutta has been keeping hidden from the world. It’ll be interesting to find out how a small town inspector tackles all these hurdles which are unknown to her.

We have also seen Gautam Rode negotiating with Zohra with triple stars on his shoulder. He is playing inspector, in charge of the Vibha Dutta case. No one knows it is a suicide, murder, or just an accident.

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Nakaab Plot/Storyline

Nakaab is about a high-profile Murder mystery in which various politicians and actors, and actresses are involved. No one knows whether someone killed Vibha Dutta, she committed suicide, or it was an accident. But something is not that straight. Aditi Amre has found so many hidden secrets behind the glamorous life.

While trying to solve this high-profile case with her team, Aditi found herself in a new adventure where she was exploring herself as well. Just now, she met an entirely new herself which she had no idea existed.

Aditi is now very much deeply connected with Vibha Dutta and wants justice at any cost. She is totally into the case, which does look like a maze of hidden dark secrets.

Well, we are waiting for the series to know whether it’s a murder or suicide.

Release date

Waiting periods are very boring, but fortunately, we don’t need to wait much for the Nakaab web series because it is releasing on 15th Sep 2021. You will be able to watch all episodes on MX Player on 15th Sep entirely for free.

We’ll write an in-depth review of the Nakaab web series just after it releases. But for now, what are you feeling like after watching the trailer? Let us know in the cement section down below.

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