Pratiksha (Part – 2) ULLU Web Series Review | Murder Mystery

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Pratiksha (Part – 2) ULLU Web Series Review: ULLU is not creating only the rough, intimate, and inappropriate content anymore. They are raising their standard day by day. They were only producing more like adult content only but now, focusing more on premium content, featuring already famous actors who have been doing great for their role.

Recently, ULLU released a murder mystery web series that got a lot of attention from premium viewers. Now ULLU is able to grab not only the intimacy lover but actually smart viewers as well.

This transition is huge. Although ULLU is not completely stopping themselves from creating web series like Charmsukh, and Palangtod but they are also focusing on something really interesting and worthy.

ULLU always have been creating engaging shows which ULLU fans love watching but this transition will help them acquire more users on their platform.

I personally loved the latest show on ULLU, Pratiksha which is a murder mystery and the trailer looks very promising and minds boggling. Here in this post we will review the Pratiksha ULLU web series.

Pratiksha Ullu web series Trailer

Pratiksha Part – 2 Trailer

Pratiksha (Part – 2) ULLU Web Series Review | Pratiksha Review

Suddenly, a star actress commits suicide but when it was inspected closely, police found that this was not a simple suicide. There are various links and evidence which clearly say that it’s a pre-planned murder. But who is the murderer?

who is the murderer Pratiksha-Part-2-ULLU-Web-Series-Review

Police find out some accused who might have killed Pratiksha, a Bollywood actress with a huge fan base and stardom.

It looked simple at first moment but it ended up being a murder. But is it this simple? Obviously not, there are so many turns and twists in the story. Everyone in the story had some reason to kill Pratiksha Singh. Everyone is suspect but who actually killed her? That’s the mystery to be solved by the police involved in this high-profile case.

Everyone is accusing one other and that’s too for some reason. They all had at least one reason to commit this crime.


Weather you liked any of the series produced by ULLU or not, you will definitely love watching this web series because the thrill and drama of this series will hold you on the edge of your seat.

I always wanted ULLU to create such a web series where we not only find our romantic and seductive taste but also a real thrill. You would love the show and the further story will amaze you, my promise to you.

Go and watch this web series on the ULLU official Website or App for a minimal subscription cost.

Pratiksha (Part – 2) ULLU Web Series Cast

Pratiksha Web Series features some great actors and actresses on the screen. Everyone had done their best in performance and has presented the characters in the best possible way. Here is the list of the known casts of the Pratiksha web series.

Cheshta BhagatPratiksha Singh
Aarya BabbarChirag Shah
Avinash WadhawanBhargav Singh
Manini MishraPolice Inspector
Vibha Waghmare
Thea D’suuzaIshani Gulati
Jyoti Gauba
Hitanshu R SinghAmrendra Awasthi
Jay SoniAbhay, Journalist and
Ex- BF of Pratiksha
Mannu MallikInspector

Pratiksha (Part – 2) ULLU Web Series Release Date

Pratiksha (Part – 2) ULLU Web Series Review: Pratiksha Part-1 was released on 26th Oct 2021. And 2nd part of the series is about to release on 2nd November 2021. The show didn’t get much attention from the viewers as they continuously have seen erotic and intimate web series with so much vulgarity and exposure.

Although this series is not getting too much attention from its existing Viewers, it will definitely help ULLU to acquire new and premium viewers for sure.

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