Sex Education Renewed For Season 4 By Netflix

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Sex Education Renewed For Season 4: The gang will be back once more on Netflix only!!

Netflix TUDUM has been one hell of an event so far. There have been so many announcements regarding new TV shows and movies. So many high profile movies and shows announcement were made in this event.

And one of those announcements included the renewal of Sex Education Season 4. Netflix officially announced the renewal of Sex Education for the fourth season yesterday only.

This was not that much of a surprise because of how the third season ended and how massive fan base Sex Education has. I kind of knew that this was coming and Netflix just confirmed it.

If the TUDUM fan event was not there they would have announced the fourth season sooner. After all, Sex Education Season 3 debuted with a 100 percent fresh score on Rotten Tomatoes.

Sex Education Renewed For Season 4

Sex Education Renewed For Season 4 – Netflix

Sex Education Season 4 Plot

Well, we have a very vague idea of what the fourth season of Sex Education will follow. There has been no announcement as to what the fourth season will be about. But we can surely make some predictions based on the ending of Season 3.

We will see some really great improvement in characters like Ruby and Adam. Eric might also struggle in this season considering he is sort of alone at the moment. I also think that Adam and Rahim will come together by the end.

But the real question has always been about Otis and Maeve. And the fourth season will also follow that. Maeve has gone to Australia and her relationship with Otis will suffer. Will they try long-distance or not, we will have to see.

We might also see Maeve struggling in the new country and with her studies. But we always knew Maeve always finds a way. The fourth season will also focus on the sole journey of Aimee with getting comfortable with her body. There are lots of things that will be unfolded in the fourth season and we can’t wait for that.

Sex Education Season 4 Release Date

We have to wait a little bit longer for that. As of now, season fourth has only been renewed and nothing else. It will take some time for Netflix to start shooting and give us a release date.

But, we can expect the release date next year in September-October only. Or it can also release in January 2023, just like the first two seasons. We will update you as soon as we get some information regarding it.

Will This Be The Last Season?

Once again, we are clueless regarding this also. As there have been absolutely no announcement or any type of reports regarding it. Usually, Netflix announces it closer to the release date. So, we will have to wait for that also.

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