Sex Education Season 3 ending Explained, Moordale is finished?

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Sex Education Season 3 ending Explained: Now, that the third season of Sex Education has been out for a whole day now. I think it is the right time to talk about it. As most of you might have already binge-watched the show.

So, the ending of Sex Education season 3 was kind of weird, right? In the seventh episode, it was like everything will be okay. But as the final came down everything fell apart.

And I think it is worth talking about. Because there are lots of stuff to talk about. And by lots, I really mean lots. So, without much delay let’s get on with it.

What Does The Ending Of Sex Education Season 3 Means?

Sex Education Season 3 ending Explained

Moordale is finished?

At the near end of the final episode, we saw that all the sponsors of Moordale have revoked their contracts. Meaning they will not fund the school from now on. And it is bad news for Moordale High School, which was already on its last string.

And by bad news, I meant that the school is completely screwed and so are the students. The presentation that the students presented on the Open Day led to it. And it was really bad press for all the sponsors.

So, Moordale will be shut down now. And there are no two ways to do it. All the students have to find study alternatives in the mid-semester only. Now, in the next season, we might see some students fighting for Moordale and some changing schools. It will be chaos once again no matter what.

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Jakob is not the father?

So, Otis and Ola have a sister now!! And Jakob and Jean have resolved all of their issues to parent their own child. But, we think that Jakob might not be the father. And we are pretty sure about it.

Once again, the final episode brought another twist, when Jean got the paternity test results in the hospital. And when she opened the letter, it was obvious that Jakob is not the father of “Joy”.

Now, the fourth season will have lots of ups and downs. And Jakob, who already has so many trust issues might be in shock after hearing this news. We will have to see how all of this will turn out.

Adam and Rahim?

So, Eric really screwed up badly. He kissed another guy back in Nigeria and is not guilty about it. He still felt held back by Adam and that is why he ended his relationship with Adam.

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Obviously, Adam was heartbroken. But he participated in Dog talent hunt with Madame and is handling it better than I expected him to be. But, I think there might be another romance brewing on.

Adam and Rahim are getting close to each other because of various circumstances. And there is definitely something that can happen between them. I am not 100 percent sure, but it can happen.

What About Otis And Maeve?

In the seventh episode, we saw Otis and Maeve finally getting back together after so many things. It was all good and happy and I was having a very good time.

But in the final episode, they went apart once again. This time, not because of a fight or anything. But, because Maeve wanted to pursue her education in Australia. And that is a very big opportunity for her.

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Maeve did what was right for her. But what does that mean for Otis and Maeve? Are they over now. Well, I don’t think so. As Maeve said herself, “It’s not goodbye, It’s see you soon.”

I am sure they will be back together in the future. I mean, both of them love each other and they will surely wait for each other. And I really think they will try long-distance if that is possible.

Will There Be Sex Education Season 4?

The fourth season has not been renewed yet, but that is normal as it has only been one day since season 3 came out. And Sex Education is one of the most famous shows by Netflix.

So, even if it has not been renewed for the fourth season yet, I think it is only a matter of time before that happens. After all, every single factor indicates that Sex Education needs at least one more season for sure.

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