Squid Game Review: Let’s Talk About The Show Of The Year!!

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Squid Game Review: I thought that we will be over 2021 without any cult classic shows but right at the end of the yea, we got one hell of a show. Yes, I am talking about the most trending thing on the internet right now!!

Squid Game has become an internet sensation right now! It is one of the most famous shows in the world. And there are so many reasons for it. And just like all the other shows, it has both kinds of fans.

Some are saying that it is one of the best shows ever, while some are saying that it has become overhyped and is not as good as people are saying. But, I think that it is worth all the hype.

After seeing so many same kinds of shows over and over again, Squid Game was something new that was worth watching. I was hooked on the show right from the very first episode.

And my interest was sky-high till the very end. The actual thing is that many people just shrug off Korean Dramas without actually checking them out for real. So, let me tell you how I actually felt about Squid Game.

Squid Game Review

Squid Game Plot

The official synopsis of the show reads “Hundreds of cash-strapped players accept a strange invitation to compete in children’s games. Inside, a tempting prize awaits with deadly high stakes. A survival game that has a whopping 45.6 billion-won prize at stake.”

And that is the whole plot of the show. The show revolves around a game show were 100 players who are drowned in debt participate to earn the prize money. They have to clear six rounds, but if they lose, they have to die.

And the show revolves around this concept only. In the six episodes, we see so many amazing characters, storylines, plot points, betrayals, twists, and everything you could ask in these kinds of shows.

Squid Game: What Worked For The Show?

Squid Game Review
Squid Game Poster


First of all, the cast of Squid Game was absolutely amazing. Everyone acted so beautifully and this was one of the best crew performances I have seen in a while.

I don’t actually think anyone was a standout actor among these because every main cast member of the show was brilliant. Everyone knew what they had to do and worked according to that only.

They understood their roles, the emotions required and acted just like they were required to. It was just sublime to see all of these actors giving the performances of their lives.


Honestly, Squid Game has one of the best build-ups I have ever seen in a show. This show takes its time to create a solid foundation. Many of its plot-changing ideas are planted very early on and the payoff is just amazing.

Secondly, when introducing characters, Squid Game shows you everything there is to know, without forcing narratives. This creative honesty plays an important role in bridging the connection between you and the characters you choose to invest in.

With everything laying out in the open, character development feels so much more genuine, and the decisions they make that much more organic.

Raw Take

I don’t know why and how, but the naked ugliness of survival that Squid Game portrayed was just brilliant. It isn’t afraid to show the audience just how low someone is willing to go, and how it twists the faces of those you thought you knew.

And the last scene has already broken the hearts of so many people, came because of this raw ugliness only. It was just sublime.

Squid Game Review: What Didn’t Work For The Show?

Last 3 episodes

I don’t know how but after 6th episode Squid Game becomes somewhat predictable and really slow. The twists became predictable and time went really really slow.

And I am especially talking about the last episode where Gi Hun is just walking and sulking. And the worst thing is that it resulted in nothing in the end. Everything that he wanted to erase after winning the game still happened.

And the ending just became a pedestal for Netflix to the second season which they will be producing for sure.

Squid Game Review: Is It Worth It?

Squid Game Review: Yes, even if the last 3 episodes are not that good, the first 6 episodes are just too good to avoid this show. Squid Game is a show filled with moments of climactic brilliance that explode with raw emotions.

The foundation, the characters, the ugliness of survival work in tandem to push the story, which in turn provide you with a unique and entertaining viewing experience. It’s messy, it’s brutal, and it’s so. much. fun.

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