Sunflower Review: The Best Show Of 2021

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Sunflower Review: Sunil Grover starrer web series, Sunflower might be the best thing of the year.

You know, how good it feels when you watch a series with so many expectations and it turns out to be real good. This was the same case with Zee5 latest series Sunflower. Zee5 is on a roll with their content right now.

First, they released Friends Reunion special and now Sunflower. Zee5 Sunflower is by far the best series I have watched in quite some time.

It is a series that will make you feel good. It is fresh, it is something new, The plot is brilliant, the acting is amazing and the execution is just monumental.

Sunflower Web Series Review

Web Series NameSunflower
GenreCrime, Comedy
Lead CastRanveer Shorey
Sunil Grover
Ashish Vidyarthi
ScriptVikas Bahl
DirectorVikas Bahl
Rahul Sengupta
ProducerVarun Khandelwal
Shibasish Sarkar
Release DateJune 11, 2021
Streaming onZee5

Sunflower web series storyline/Plot

Sunflower Review: The official synopsis of the series reads “Sunflower is a housing society with its fair share of comedic characters. But none more hair-brained and awkward than simpleton Sonu.

He dives headlong into the center of a murder investigation of a society resident, and in no time manages to become the chief suspect. Around him, the real murderers, a resident couple in Sunflower itself, tread cautiously.

Will they get away as Sonu keeps digging his own grave?

As the investigation escalates, the hypocritical society members worry about their beloved society losing its good old glory. But the problem is the next generation’s ways are neither good nor old.

Between Sonu tightening the noose around his neck, the murderers living on the edge, and the society trying to uplift its society’s values, Sunflower is a quirky murder mystery in a comedy of errors.”

Sunflower is a crime thriller dark comedy with a really simple plot. The story follows a murder in a society where Sunil Grover is the prime suspect.

But the most interesting thing about Sunflower is that they will tell you who the killer is from the first scene itself. It is not a spoiler or anything, the story is built in this way only.

The show starts with the scene of the murder. So, you will know who the murderer is from the first scene itself. And after that, the police get involved, and every society member gets involved.

It creates so much confusion and the way they have to imbed comedy in that confusion is just class apart.

Sunflower Cast & Crew

Sunil GroverSonu Singh
Ashish VidyarthiMr Iyer
Ranveer ShoreyInspector Digendra

Sunflower Web series Review: Sunil Grover is a treasure and should be saved at any cost. He plays the role of Sonu Singh and he is one of the most interesting characters.

Sonu Singh has OCD and deals with so many issues in such a calm manner. But, he is not a one-dimensional character. He has many shades and Sunil Grover has played every shade brilliantly.

You will laugh with him, cry with him and more importantly feel for him. He carried the show on his back and made it look effortless.

Other cast members also did their job amazingly well. It was a delight to see Ranveer Shori on the screen again. Hoping that he comes in more shows now.

Other cast members like Mukul Chadda, Ashwin Kaushal, and Girish Kulkarni are already established, actors. And they showed how good they really are.

Another cast member that impressed me was Radha Bhatt. She has a very innocent character and looked beautiful throughout the show. Her character will really win over your heart.

Sunflower Direction

Sunflower Web series: Vikas Bhal is a great director and we all know that. He has written this series as well as directed it. And he did both of those jobs amazingly well. I have already talked about how good the script of the show is. So, let me tell you the direction is just as good.

Sunflower: Is It Worth It?

Absolutely, Yes! The storytelling and scriptwriting of this show are so tight and precise that it justifies both of its genres from the first episode to last. It takes crime thriller and dark comedy side by side and justifies it amazingly.

Even the satires in this series are just brilliant. You will enjoy the show from the start to the very last. It is an amazing series that all of you should watch no matter what. And with just 8 episodes it is a perfect series for a binge-watch.

How To Watch Sunflower Web Series?

You can watch the series on Zee5. You can either buy the three-month plan or a full-year plan. And considering the kind of series Zee5 is releasing currently, it won’t be wrong to get their subscription.

FAQs about Sunflower

Where can I watch Sunflower web series?

You can watch it on zee5 with a premium subscription.

Is it worth to watch Sunflower Web series?

Absolutely, Yes! The storytelling and scriptwriting of this show are so tight and precise that it justifies both of its genres from the first episode to last. It takes crime thriller and dark comedy side by side and justifies it amazingly.

Who is the lead Actors of Sunflower?

Ranveer Shorey, Sunil Grover, Ashish Vidyarthi is few of the characters in the show.

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